A New Dating App Exclusively For Conservatives Is Getting Roasted Online

Once upon a time, it wasn’t necessarily a deal-breaker to date, or even marry, someone with different political leanings than your own. Those days are squarely behind us however, ever since the 2016 election tore our country apart faster than you could say “covfefe.” So many single conservatives, particularly those living in blue states or in progressive, urban areas, are now having a more difficult time finding a partner — because they can’t all be as breezy and effortless as the pairing of say, the president’s son and a Fox News anchor.

A new dating app is trying to make it easier for right-wing singles to get down with presumably bland, missionary-style sex. “Righter,” as the app is called, proclaims itself to be where “RIGHT minds meet.” “Have you ever been swiped left on a dating app because you are a Conservative? Trust me you have,” official Righter Twitter account tweeted on Wednesday evening. ‘Try Righter where being #MAGA makes you more attractive, not less!”

Cool, cool.

Not surprisingly, as the tweet began to go viral, lot of people had similar reactions, roasting the apparent snowflakes for needing their own dating app and also the overwhelming whiteness of the models in general.




A lot of people also had the same joke:


They were so close, almost nailed it!