Nick Offerman Firmly Believes That Libertarian Ron Swanson Would ‘Get The Damn Vaccine’

As part of his ongoing efforts to encourage Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman stopped by The Medi Hasan Show on Sunday night and detailed why his fan-favorite character, Ron Swanson, would get the vaccine despite his staunch libertarian views.

According to Offerman, Ron would initially be opposed at the very idea of getting a vaccine pushed by the government, but his second wife, Diane (Lucy Lawless), would quickly set him straight, and in the end, he’d do the right thing. Via The Recount:

“Ron, I think at first would, of course, scoff at a vaccine, and say, ‘I’ve never been to the doctor. I rely on my preternatural immune system to protect me.’ But then his wife, Diane, played by the great Lucy Lawless, would step up and say, ‘Hey, buddy, you’re no longer alone here. You got me, I teach at a school, we got kids to worry about. Your responsibilities are no longer limited to your own body.’

“So, once he was convinced of that, he’s a good guy. And once a good guy sees that he’s taking care of others and that it’s for the common good, of course, he would get the damn vaccine.”

Offerman will take his battle against vaccine hesitancy directly to Washington later this week. The Hill reports that the actor will appear before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Wednesday for a special hearing titled “A Shot at Normalcy: Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence.”

(Via The Recount on Twitter)