Even The Kremlin’s State TV Propagandists Are Acknowledging Putin’s ‘Serious Failure’ In Ukraine (And Urging Him To Admit It)

You know things are going bad for Russia when the Kremlin’s State TV talking heads are admitting that Putin’s losing his war in Ukraine. All of this is the case after recent revelations that Russian troops are disguising themselves in order to flee Ukraine, and Ukraine’s been gaining ground and recapturing settlements, all adding up to about 3000 square kilometers while Ukrainian civilians are waving brooms and vowing to fight if Russia tries to recapture their stomping grounds.

As Ukraine’s been forging a stunning reversal of the conflict, The Daily Beast reports that Russian State TV talking heads cannot stop using the words “failure” and “defeat.” In fact, a whole group of these propagandists are urging Putin to stop pretending that the war is going so well for Russia, because it’s quite the opposite case. One propagandist in particular believes that Putin will only make things worse if he doesn’t admit the error of his imperialistic ways and end this thing:

Political scientist Sergey Mikheyev described recent developments in Kharkhiv as “a serious failure,” on the part of Russia. “Call it ‘regrouping’ or whatever else… This is our most serious defeat during the last six months, and the most significant success of our adversary… Perhaps this failure is beneficial, because being so obvious, now it’s impossible to pull the wool over our eyes, pretending that everything is wonderful,” he said.

Elsewhere, filmmaker Karen Shakhnazaro (White Tiger) appeared on State TV to declare, “I urge everyone not to panic in the face of a defeat we’ve suffered in the Kharkiv region, and we have to acknowledge it.” He added, “A defeat has some meaning when you acknowledge it and draw new conclusions. And if you don’t acknowledge it, all you get is another defeat, perhaps even more devastating.” And Shakhnazaro also described Ukraine as “a powerful adversary.”

In other words, Putin might want to think about hanging up the towel in Ukraine before he suffers an even greater failure. Otherwise, so many more Russians could flee their homes to the point where he may no longer have a country. Granted, that sounds drastic, but so does Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

(Via Daily Beast)