Teenager Snaps Smiling Selfie At Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Responds To Backlash With ‘I’m Famous Yall’

A teenager who set a new world record for history’s most tasteless selfie has been facing plenty of online backlash, and her reaction to the controversy has been just as clueless as her decision to snap the photo.

Breanna Mitchell tweeted a smiling selfie from the Auschwitz concentration camp early Sunday. Criticism immediately began pouring in as the image spread (it was retweeted more than 3,000 times before she removed it). By early Sunday afternoon, Business Insider had already written about the harassment Mitchell was receiving.

Here’s the original, stupid tweet, which features Mitchell beaming in front of the Third Reich’s largest death camp:

If you think Breanna taking down the image was a sign of remorse, you’re just a tad off. Her reaction to the controversy might actually be worse than the photo of her smiling in front of a site where over one million men, women, and children lost their lives. Mitchell continues to defend herself from her Twitter account, retweeting others who post the original image. Worst of all, she tweeted a link to the aforementioned Business Insider article with the following caption: “I’m famous yall.”

Mitchell says she took the photo after studying the Holocaust for years with her father, who died a year ago, tweeting: “That trip actually meant something to me and I was happy about it.”

(Via Daily Mail + Business Insider)