A 'Super Mario' Inspired Climbing Box Is The Greatest Gift Your Cat Didn't Know It Needed

This Super Mario cat climber automatically makes any cat in the neighborhood into a hero while making losers like myself immensely jealous of cats. Not that I wasn’t jealous of cats already due to their general lackadaisical nature and global Internet praise. This just manages to punch it up the list a notch by allowing cats to live some sort of Friskie’s fueled fantasy where they save princesses and feast on giant mushrooms.

Jealousy aside, this climber was built by Redditor collinferal after he was inspired by a similar design on Etsy and decided to build one as a gift. Sure he could’ve just spent $190 dollars for the one on Etsy, but this one cost him around the same price and has a bit more charm and a lot more color. The perfect gift for any asshole cat you encounter in your daily life.

You can see the full album over on Imgur. When I first saw them, my mind immediately went to Cat Mario and then immediately blacked out from immeasurable stress. It’s a cruel game, but the perfect allegory for life.

(Images via WesWoodward/Reddit )