Take That, Physics! The First Clip From ‘The Wolverine’ Brings Claws To A Knife Fight.

The first clip from The Wolverine is out, and it’s a fight scene between Wolverine and the Yakuza taking place atop a bullet train in Japan. It also has the distinction of saying, “Let’s be friends, Physics” before pulling Physics in close for a warm embrace, then thrusting a dagger up its ribcage and gently whispering, “F–k you so much, Physics.

That analogy got away from me. What I’m saying is, Wolverine and the Yakuza guys are obeying regular laws of physics for most of the fight. Then Wolverine somehow ceases traveling forward at the same speed as the train upon jumping in the air, but only the last time he jumps, not those other times, because screw physics and continuity. Wolverine claws in the face! HIS RAGE KNOWS NO PHYSICS.

The Wolverine opens July 26th.

(H/T: The Playlist)