This Guy Is Renting Out A Bed In His Tesla For $85 A Night

An enterprising Tesla owner in Phoenix is renting out his car, complete with an airbed and blanket, on Airbnb for the low, low price of $85 a night.

According to Steve, owner and proprietor of the “World’s 1st Tesla Hotel,” his Tesla comfortably accommodates two people. However, the space is too small for anyone over 6′ 6″, so “no NBA Players allowed.”

Guests can rent his Tesla, parked inside his condo’s garage, for $85 a night. The price may sound steep at first, but Steve is no Scrooge. He’s happy to throw in access to his condo, including the living room, TV, private bathroom and shower, and even the kitchen—though it’s unclear if the contents of the fridge are off limits. Guests will also enjoy courtesy pickup and drop-off service at Sky Harbor Airport if your schedules match up because, let’s face it, Steve’s a busy guy.

While sleeping in a $118,000 electric car would be a fun experience for one or two nights, it might make more sense to rent out a car with a bit more space. A stretch limo or a spacious van, though preferably one not down by the river.

Source: The News Wheel