Tom Cruise’s Infamous Christmas Cake Rollout Turns Into Quite The Annual Operation, According To Glen Powell

You’ve surely heard of the Tom Cruise Christmas cake. Everyone knows about this cake. Everyone covets the treat. I don’t even like coconut and wouldn’t mind trying this thing out. It’s the toast of Hollywood and perhaps the only time that something ultimately unhealthy graces certain people’s plates. If Tom Cruise sends you a damn cake, then you eat that cake, you know?

Top Gun: Maverick ace pilot Glen Powell knows that this requirement is true. He’s one of the lucky recipients of this annual treat, and as he revealed on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the cake rollout is actually a huge production in and of itself. Tom has his team put a lot of effort into the sugary celebration, and so, Glen believes that the suitable reaction is to hold a little party and share the wealth. As he told Hudson, people actually pester him every year to ask if it’s time to eat that cake yet, so he invites people over, and everyone can have a few bites.

Glen confirms that this coconut-adorned bundt confection is the most delicious cake that he’s ever tasted, and Hudson admitted that she’d like a piece of that action. Get in line, Jennifer!

Watch the video above and feel jealous, too.