Tomi Lahren Posted A Hot Take About Tom Brady And Colin Kaepernick So Bad That It Kind Of Reads Like Parody

One of Tomi Lahren’s favorite topics of conversation is Colin Kaepernick, the former-San Francisco 49ers quarterback who was essentially blacklisted from the NFL for kneeling during the National Anthem in 2016 to protest racial injustice and police brutality. The conservative chatterbox made the huge mistake of coming after Beyonce and Kaepernick in a widely-ridiculed tweet, and she was mocked equally hard for this doctored photo. Lahren brought up Kaepernick again on Monday in response to a viral tweet that pointed out how it’s “funny [that] people can separate Tom Brady’s politics from his game, but struggle to do the same when it comes to Kaepernick.” (Brady had a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker while he was on the New England Patriots; he’s since said that he grew “uncomfortable” with his friendship with Donald Trump.)

“So Kaepernick is trending because Tom Brady (a skilled quarterback) hasn’t been canceled due to his friendship with Donald Trump. Yep, makes sense,” Lahren tweeted, adding her preferred hashtag #LiberalismIsADisease. That was merely the appetizer to the main course, however. Thirty minutes later: “Here’s a wild guess, if Tom Brady suddenly started sucking at football and was benched for a better starting QB, chances are he wouldn’t cry racism, wouldn’t kneel for the flag and anthem and pass it off as a social justice moment.” Lahren’s had a lot of scorching hot takes over the years, but this one is top-five, maybe even the GOAT. It’s the Tom Brady of bad tweets.

In Kaepernick’s final season in the NFL, he threw for 16 touchdowns and four interceptions, and added 468 yards and two touchdowns as a runner (the 49ers were terrible that season, but it was not entirely Kaep’s fault; blame head coach Chip Kelly). He did not suddenly start “sucking at football.” He was a good quarterback who was a victim of collusion. But it’s much easier for Tomi to make a false equivalence.

She’s the Tom Brady of those, too.