President Trump Tweeted Gibberish, And The Internet Is Working Hard To Decipher The Meaning Of #Covfefe

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Over the holiday weekend, reports indicated that White House attorneys were vetting all of President Trump’s tweets (for legal and typo-related reasons) before they went live. Ladies and gents, it’s safe to assume that these reports are not entirely true, for look at what happened on Tuesday night.

A typo on Trump’s behalf is not unusual. Remember, this is the same dude who tweeted (last December) that China’s seizure of a U.S. drone was “unpresidented.” However, the newest typo is striking because Trump didn’t even complete his sentence. Hell, he didn’t even flesh out a full phrase. It was as if he fell asleep midtweet, right? One would assume that if someone (Kellyanne Conway) seized his phone, the offending tweet would have disappeared, but this mess has been live for nearly an hour. Does “covfefe” mean “coverage” as in “negative press coverage”? No one knows.

Lo and behold, this presidential typo was a special one. Within minutes, #covfefe began to trend atop the national charts.

First, it’s useful to remember (while evaluating this mystery) that Trump has the nuclear football at his disposal.

And everyone realizes that the beleaguered Sean Spicer (if he shows up tomorrow) will have a terrible time explaining this tweet away.

However, most folks simply wanted to figure out what “covfefe” means.

And a new hashtag is born! #LittleRedCovfefe (Don’t tell Prince.)

Is the joke dead yet? Not even close, pal.