Video: The Ostrichcopter Is Going To Haunt Your Dreams

You may recall from last year the story of Dutch artist Bart Jansen, whose poor cat, Orville, was run over by a car. Naturally, Jansen wanted the perfect way to make his love for Orville immortal while also paying tribute to his pet in an appropriate manner. So he and his technical engineer friend, Arjen Beltman, turned Orville into a comically terrifying helicopter, because that’s just something that you do. Also, it’s art.

What, then, could Jansen and Beltman do for an encore more than 13 months later? They could go to a local farm, pick up a dead ostrich, turn it into a helicopter and call it “The world’s first flying ostrich.” While Skynet might not be a reality just yet, I have to admit that I’m currently more concerned about the Ostrichcopter becoming self-aware than I am a few T-1000000 spider robots wiping out the human race.