A Thing You May Not Have Noticed: Signs In ‘Watch Dogs’ Have Hidden Memes

Watch Dogs was released two days ago, and it sold more copies in the first day than any other Ubisoft game. The game is set in Chicago, where you play a hacker who manipulates the Central Operating System (ctOS) which connects everything in the city and reveals private information about everyone. (Meanwhile, in the real world, it only took always-on DRM to crash the server. So much for connecting everything.)

As we said in our post on everything you need to know about Watch Dogs, leveling up your hacking skills early is crucial, not only for gameplay but also for some of the easter eggs you’ll find. One of those easter eggs is the messages hidden in billboards. Oddly, we haven’t found any that say “Obey”, “Consume”, “Marry and Reproduce”, or “Deal With It”.

We’ve collected some of the hacked signs that made us laugh, and you can check out the other 50 signs over at Imgur. Thanks to VG24/7 for the assist.

That last one summarizes how we’d feel if we had taken the time to hack all of these signs ourselves.