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A Woman Who Escaped A Notorious Serial Killer Is Suing Lifetime For Depicting Her As A Hooker

By | 7 Comments

Turning a survivor of a serial killer attack into a prostitute? Classic Lifetime.

Law & Order: SVU

What’s On Tonight: ‘SVU’ Is Doing An Episode About An Elevator Fight, Obviously

By | 9 Comments

It more surprisingly that it took them until Episode 2 of the new season, honestly.


The ‘AHS: Freak Show’ Opening Credits Are A Stop-Motion Barrage Of Scary Naked Clowns

By | 9 Comments

The opening credits for "American Horror Story: Freakshow" are a 70-second stop-motion barrage of disfigured dolls and scary-as-sh*t clowns.


Prince Held A Facebook Chat Yesterday And Answered Exactly One Question

By | 4 Comments

Prince's Facebook chat went exactly how you'd expect a Facebook chat with Prince would go.


Yvette Nicole Brown Is Leaving ‘Community'; The Show Will Cast Two New Characters

By | 51 Comments

After five seasons, Yvette Nicole Brown is leaving "Community" to care for her ailing father.

local news

A TV Reporter Found A Missing Boy While Reporting On The Boy’s Disappearance

By | 7 Comments

A Florida TV reporter found a missing boy with a mild learning disability while reporting on the boy's disappearance.


A New Study Reveals The Most Popular Shows To Advertise On For Each Political Party

By | 15 Comments

This study confirms exactly what you think, regardless of what you think.


SpongeBob SquarePants Is A Hooligan, Says Kazakh Official


A Kazakh official says SpongeBob SquarePants depicts "hooligan behavior." That's a strong quote.


‘Scandal’ Recap: We’re Getting The Band Back Together! (Kind Of!)

By | 13 Comments

You can tell time has gone by because everyone's hair is different. Classic "Scandal."

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