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rooster mcconaughey

Rooster McConaughey’s Cowboy Version Of ‘Shark Tank’ Finally Has A Trailer

By | 4 Comments

The trailer for Rooster McConaughey's reality show is exactly what you're expecting.


Netflix’s Pablo Escobar Drama ‘Narcos’ Has A Premiere Date And A New Teaser

By | 6 Comments

Netflix is getting into the cocaine business this August with "Narcos."

donald trump

Univision Dropped The Miss Universe Pageant Because Of Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigration Comments

By | 20 Comments

Bad things happening to Donald Trump's empire should be our new national pastime.

#Nick Offerman

About The Time Nick Offerman Pitched A Billion-Dollar Highway For Wolves On ‘The West Wing’

By | 13 Comments

Before he was Ron Swanson on "Parks & Rec," Nick Offerman was the anti-Ron Swanson on "The West Wing."

50 questions

50 Questions About The Vodka Commercials With The Martini-Drinking Werewolf

By | 11 Comments

What the hell is happening in those Three Olives commercials with the martini-drinking werewolf?

#John Oliver

John Oliver Took On Revenge Porn And The Online Harassment Of Women

By | 20 Comments

Another winner from John Oliver, this time about the harassment women often face on the Internet.


Remembering Letterman’s Gleeful Shredding Of NBC During The Leno/Conan Debacle

By | 7 Comments

Letterman never had more fun than when NBC was bungling "The Tonight Show."

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