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Regarding The Pushup Contest Jeremy Piven Claims To Have Won In Cuba

By | 9 Comments

Jeremy Piven once won a pushup in Cuba for food money. This is fascinating.


‘The Kids’ Is Another Hilarious ‘SNL’ Deleted Sketch By Mike O’Brien

By | 10 Comments

The deleted sketches from 'SNL' remain better than the ones that make it to air.


The Creator Of ‘Riverdale’ Says The New Fox Show Will Be ‘Archie Meets Twin Peaks’

By | 11 Comments

Fox's new Archie show "Riverdale" will be inspired by David Lynch and "Twin Peaks." Uh... okay?


Fox Is Developing A ‘Subversive Take’ On The World Of The Archie Comics

By | 13 Comments

Coming soon to Fox: "Riverdale," an hour-long drama that will be a "subversive take" on the Archie Comics.


‘Key & Peele’ Give A Demon Child A Dying Wish And The Results Are Disturbing As Hell


"Key & Peele's" Halloween episode is apparently going to be scary as hell.

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