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Authorities In Hong Kong Are Looking For A Teenage Girl Who Pulled Off A $4 Million Diamond Heist

By | 8 Comments

According to authorities in Hong Kong, a teenage girl was part of a team responsible for stealing a $4 million diamond necklace.


Friday Flashback: In Which ‘Animaniacs’ Teaches Us All The Countries In The World Via Song

By | 17 Comments

Remembering "Yakko's World," the helpful and extremely catchy geography song from "The Animaniacs."


TruTV Is Developing A ‘Veep’-Like Sitcom Starring … Shaq?

By | 7 Comments

For whatever reason, TruTV and Shaquille O'Neal have decided to develop a "Veep"-like sitcom loosely based on the NBA star's life.


Friday Conversation: What Song Would You Use As Your Entrance Music?

By | 97 Comments

We're letting you choose your own entrance music today. WHATCHA GOT?


This Week’s ‘Archer’ Is An Homage To An Obscure Clint Eastwood Movie From 1975, Obviously

By | 22 Comments

"Archer" is doing an episode based on the 1975 Clint Eastwood movie "The Eiger Sanction," which is about a retired assassin doing one last job on an icy mountain.

nope nope nope

NOPE: Australian Fishermen Pulled This Horrifying Nightmare Beast Out Of The Ocean

By | 23 Comments

A group of Australian fishermen pulled a fully-grown, extremely rare frilled shark out of the water HOLY HELL THAT'S THIS THINGS FACE?


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘… And The Bullet Finds You’

By | 105 Comments

Featuring GIFs and a heartfelt goodbye to a fallen friend.


Shoutout To The Little Phone-Spiking Kid In The Nationwide Commercial

By | 7 Comments

The best thing on television right now is the little kid in the Nationwide commercial who spikes his cell phone. I love that guy.

#Game of Thrones

Watch A Teaser For HBO’s Upcoming Behind-The-Scenes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Special


Here's your first look at HBO's upcoming "Game of Thrones" behind-the-scenes special.


Before The Bullets: An Oral History Of The Creation Of ‘Justified’

By and | 44 Comments

An oral history of the path "Justified" took from idea to the screen, including interviews with Walton Goggins, creator Graham Yost and FX Networks president John Landgraf.


A California Police Department Just Promoted A German Shepherd To Detective

By | 16 Comments

The Escondido Police Department has a new detective: A nine-year-old German shepherd named Jena.


Wait, Jim Halpert Is Going To Play A Navy SEAL In Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie?

By | 56 Comments

In casting news that sounds almost like a Mad Lib, John Krasinski is set to play a Navy SEAL in Michael Bay's Benghazi movie.


The Return Of Conway Stern: A Quick Refresher On The ‘Archer’ Fan Favorite

By | 14 Comments

To prepare for his return to "Archer," here's a quick refresher on double-agent Conway Stern.


The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Series Keeps Getting Bigger And Better

By | 14 Comments

Netflix's 'Wet Hot American Summer' series will feature guest appearances by John Slattery, Josh Charles, and many others.

nope nope nope

An Icelandic Brewery Is Making A Beer Flavored With Endangered Whale Testicles

By | 6 Comments

Soon you will be able to purchase an Icelandic beer made with the cured testicles of the endangered fin whale. Hooray for you.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner Says The ‘Mad Men’ Finale Won’t Pander To Viewers And Give Them Everything They Want

By | 25 Comments

"Mad Men" showrunner Matthew Weiner says the upcoming series finale won't pander to viewers and give them everything they want.


Counterpoint: Meathead Rob Lowe Is Doing Pretty All Right For Himself!

By | 43 Comments

Say what you will about Meathead Rob Lowe, but the dude has a jet ski and two flat screens in his garage.

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