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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Allegedly Using Tinder Under The Name ‘Leonard’

By | 6 Comments

Attention Tinder-using swimsuit models: Leonardo DiCaprio is on Tinder.


Scenes From ‘Fast & Furious 8,’ Which Will Probably Take Place On A Submarine Or Something

By | 18 Comments

In which we imagine what "Fast & Furious 8" will look like. There are submarines.

#Stephen Curry

The Steph Curry Experience Is Fun As Hell

By | 6 Comments

It is fun to watch Steph Curry play basketball. You should watch him do it.


The Comcast-Time Warner Merger Looks Like It Might Be Toast

By | 16 Comments

The merger that would have brought together cable giants Comcast and Time Warners looks dead after the government intervened.


‘Fargo’ Found Its Mob Boss For Season 2

By | 16 Comments

'Fargo' found its latest crime boss and it's one of the three men in this picture.

pete campbell

It’s Still Not Too Late For Pete Campbell To Get Eaten By A Bear

By | 31 Comments

There is still plenty of time for a bear to eat Pete Campbell on "Mad Men."


Amy Schumer Brought Together An All-Star Cast For Her ‘Last F*ckable Day’ Sketch

By | 38 Comments

A group of famous women discuss sexism in Hollywood and then Tina Fey brandishes a bow and flaming arrow. It's a good sketch.


Whitney Cummings Will Return To TV With An HBO Show Based On A Maureen Dowd Book

By | 23 Comments

Whitney Cummings is back with a new HBO show and stand-up special. Yay?


A New York Court Just Recognized Two Chimpanzees As Legal Persons

By | 15 Comments

Two chimpanzees were granted a writ of habeas corpus in New York yesterday, effectively making them legal persons under the law.


Billy Zane, Cool Dude, Will Also Return For ‘Zoolander 2′

By | 3 Comments

Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He's back for 'Zoolander 2.'

#Game of Thrones

Two Sailors Have An Important Discussion About The Huge Statue In Braavos From ‘Game Of Thrones’

By | 37 Comments

In which two sailors named Dan and Gary encounter the Titan of Braavos statue from last night's episode of "Game of Thrones."


The Best And Most Insane Items Available At The Official ‘Justified’ Memorabilia Auction

By | 23 Comments

In the market for an iconic severed arm or jeans worn by Timothy Olyphant? Then this "Justified" memorabilia auction might be for you.


New Study: American Teenagers Are Crazy About Vaping

By | 12 Comments

Teenagers are vaping like crazy, and now there are stats to back it up.

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