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The Six Best British Television Dramas On Netflix

By | 21 Comments

How about a heavy dose of bleak, British drama to fill your time between episodes of 'Game of Thrones' and 'Mad Men'?


One Of The Year’s Best Unscripted Moments In Late Night Didn’t Even Air On Television

By | 11 Comments

It may not seem like much, but in the context of late night, this Conan O'Brien outtake is one of the most refreshing late-night clips of the year.

#John Oliver

Why John Oliver Is Even More Badass Than You Might Realize

By | 16 Comments

John Oliver is not afraid to piss anyone off, including his own bosses.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner Has Been Telling Us How ‘Mad Men’ Will End For Years

By | 34 Comments

Will Don Draper die? Matthew Weiner has been hinting toward his fate for years.

#Mad Men

Set Images From 2014 Now Provide Honest To Goodness Spoilery Insights Into The ‘Mad Men’ Finale

By | 16 Comments

If Don ends up in Los Angeles in the final episode of 'Mad Men,' what does that mean?


HBO Now Is Coming At King Netflix (And They Best Not Miss)

By | 20 Comments

HBO Now is clearing the way to add content outside of HBO to its streaming service, potentially putting it on even footing with Netflix.


After 30 Seasons, ‘Survivor’ Remains The Most Resilient Reality Competition On TV

By | 30 Comments

What is the secret to the success of TV's longest running reality competition?


About The Time Liam Neeson Was Fired As A School Teacher For Punching A 15-Year-Old Student

By | 9 Comments

Liam Neeson's career in the teaching profession came to an abrupt halt after a 15-year-old kid pulled a knife on him.


Why Viewers Fell Out Of Love With ‘New Girl’

By | 82 Comments

It's not because Nick and Jess got together. It's for the reasons that Nick and Jess broke up.

#Mad Men

Here’s A Visual Timeline Of Sally Draper Aging Over Seven Seasons Of ‘Mad Men’

By | 9 Comments

Briefly looking back at the maturation of Kiernan Shipka over the course of 'Mad Men'

#The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln Is Stoked About A Potential ‘The Walking Dead’ Movie

By | 3 Comments

A 'The Walking Dead' movie is something that Andrew Lincoln and the cast have talked about and dreamt about.

#Mad Men

All The Familiar Faces You Completely Forgot Were Once On ‘Mad Men’

By | 31 Comments

Through seven seasons of 'Mad Men,' a lot familiar faces have come through Sterling and Cooper. Here are 20 you've probably forgotten about.

#The Walking Dead

‘It’s Too Funny, People Won’t Laugh At It': 25 Network Notes That Show How Dumb TV Executives Can Be

By | 34 Comments

Actual notes from actual television executives demonstrate how tone deaf TV professionals can be.

#Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ Gave Us What Would’ve Been The Perfect David Chase Finale

By | 56 Comments

Last night's 'Mad Men' would've been the perfect ambiguous note to leave us on.

#The Walking Dead

Is This The Worst ‘The Walking Dead’ Theory Yet?

By | 45 Comments

How do zombies remain active despite being dead? It's very simple, really.

#The Americans

‘The Americans’ Continues To Be As Frustrating As It Is Great

By | 59 Comments

The season finale of 'The Americans' builds more layers into next season, but does little to provide closure on this one.


Dan Harmon And The Cast Of ‘Community’ Seem Deeply Ambivalent About The Show’s Future

By | 35 Comments

Dan Harmon thinks of Greendale as a kind of purgatory, and he doesn't know if he's in heaven or hell.


‘iZombie’ Might Be The Best Zombie Show On TV That’s Not ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 36 Comments

Fun, droll, and witty, 'iZombie' won't satiate your 'The Walking Dead' fix, but it may satiate your 'Buffy' one.


Why No One On The Internet Is Talking About The Internet’s Favorite Show Anymore

By | 208 Comments

Once the most beloved show on the Internet, 'Community' is now a ghost.

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