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#The Walking Dead

Is This The Worst ‘The Walking Dead’ Theory Yet?

By | 42 Comments

How do zombies remain active despite being dead? It's very simple, really.

#The Americans

‘The Americans’ Continues To Be As Frustrating As It Is Great

By | 58 Comments

The season finale of 'The Americans' builds more layers into next season, but does little to provide closure on this one.


Dan Harmon And The Cast Of ‘Community’ Seem Deeply Ambivalent About The Show’s Future

By | 35 Comments

Dan Harmon thinks of Greendale as a kind of purgatory, and he doesn't know if he's in heaven or hell.


‘iZombie’ Might Be The Best Zombie Show On TV That’s Not ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 36 Comments

Fun, droll, and witty, 'iZombie' won't satiate your 'The Walking Dead' fix, but it may satiate your 'Buffy' one.


Why No One On The Internet Is Talking About The Internet’s Favorite Show Anymore

By | 210 Comments

Once the most beloved show on the Internet, 'Community' is now a ghost.

time warner

Customized Programming Has Arrived, But Is It Really That Much Better Than A Cable Package?

By | 49 Comments

The more a la carte options we get, the more attractive cable bundling looks.


Jason Sudeikis Admits He Still Hasn’t Gotten Closure From ‘SNL’

By | 19 Comments

This is why Jason Sudeikis would make the perfect host for the final episode of the 40th season of 'SNL.'

#Mad Men

Keith Olbermann’s ‘Mad Men’ Theory On Don Draper Is Absolutely Bonkers

By | 22 Comments

Keith Olbermann believes that Don will be killed and/or pushed out the window by Diana the waitress.

#Mad Men

This Week On ‘Mad Men,’ Matthew Weiner Belabors The Point

By | 56 Comments

This week on 'Mad Men,' Weiner continues to strip Don Draper as he prepares for the turn.


Michael Richards From ‘Seinfeld’ Was Involved In One Of The Most Awkward Live Moments In TV History

By | 12 Comments

Andy Kaufman and Michael Richards staged one of the most famous live-television pranks of all time.


Just How Miserable Are The Ratings For ‘American Idol’ Now?

By | 14 Comments

How much longer can the former highest rated show on television stay on the air?


In Which Horatio Sanz Tells A Story About Tracy Morgan And The ‘SNL’ After-AFTER Parties

By | 15 Comments

About the time that Tracy Morgan hosted the 'SNL' after-after party, and hired prostitutes.


If You Liked ‘Justified’, Here Are Seven More TV Series You Should Watch

By | 60 Comments

These seven TV series may help to fill the void in your heart in a post-'Justified' world.

#The Walking Dead

Why Robert Kirkman’s Reason For Not Revealing The Source Of The Outbreak In ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Wrong

By | 45 Comments

Robert Kirkman says he's not interested in exploring the origins of the zombie outbreak because every other story does that. Is that true?


What Happened To Dana Carvey After ‘SNL’?

By | 16 Comments

On the 'Pete Holmes' podcast, Dana Carvey talks at length about his career on 'SNL' and the choice he made to leave Hollywood.

#Parks And Recreation

The Cast Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ Shares The Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments From The Show

By | 16 Comments

The cast covers the time the wardrobe department got fired and the scene so 'super disturbing' it wasn't included in the gag geel.


Kenan Thompson: Bill Cosby Was A Big Ole Creep On The Set Of ‘Fat Albert’

By | 27 Comments

From an uncomfortable joke to a weird interaction with his mother, Kenan Thompson reflects on his time with Bill Cosby.


The Best Blink-And-You Missed It Lines From The Season Premiere Of ‘Veep’

By | 5 Comments

'Veep' returned to its fourth season stronger and funnier than ever.

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