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#The Walking Dead

Has A ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Favorite Been Killed Off The Show?

By | 16 Comments

With a zombie army approaching Alexandria, no one's safe, including maybe one of the show's fan favorites.


Harry Potter Is ‘F*CKING LEGEND': The 21 Best Tweets From Pete Davidson’s ‘Harry Potter’ Marathon

By | 8 Comments

The biggest 'Harry Potter' fanboy on the 'SNL' cast live-tweets 'Philosopher's Stone' and 'Chamber of Secrets.'

#David Letterman

Here’s What Millennials Should Know About David Letterman And His Real Legacy

By | 25 Comments

Before David Letterman was an institution, he stood against the institution.


A Scientific Investigation Into Who Farted During The Cold Open In ‘SNL’s Season Finale

By | 20 Comments

Someone clearly farted during the cold open in this week's SNL. Let's investigate and identify the culprit.

#David Letterman

From Leno To Cher, Here Are David Letterman’s Biggest Celebrity Feuds

By | 22 Comments

David Letterman may be one of the most beloved late-night talk show hosts of all time, but that doesn't mean all his guests have loved him.

#The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus’ Son Refused To Audition For ‘Spider-Man’ Because He Didn’t Want To ‘Ruin His Life’

By | 29 Comments

Mingus Reedus has been offered several auditions, but continues to decline because he has no interest in acting.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Will Not Go ‘Full Zombie’

By | 24 Comments

We won't see the same kind of walkers on 'Fear the Walking Dead' that we see in 'The Walking Dead,' at least initially.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner’s ‘Mad Men’ Ending Was Genius. And Terrible. But Mostly Genius.

By | 102 Comments

Matthew Weiner gave us the perfect ending, even if it was a little too perfect.

#Mad Men

Does The ‘Mad Men’ Pilot Foreshadow Peggy’s Revenge In The Finale?

By | 9 Comments

After what Peggy went through in the 'Mad Men' pilot, she deserves more than a happy ending. She deserves revenge.


The Winners And Losers Of The 2015 Broadcast Network Upfronts

By | 19 Comments

The 2015 upfronts have been presented by all the networks. Let's see who came out ahead and who continued to fall behind.

#Mad Men

How The ‘Mad Men’ Pilot Ironically Foreshadowed The Fates Of Peggy, Pete, And Betty

By | 30 Comments

The basis for the fates of Peggy, Betty, Pete and Roger were all laid out in the pilot episode of 'Mad Men.'

donald trump

Here Are The 8 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Tweeted In The Last Year

By | 7 Comments

From comparing Tom Brady to Hillary Clinton to suggesting that 'Black-ish' is racist, here's the Hall of Fame of Donald Trump dumb tweets.


A Canadian Sketch Show Is Now Taunting ‘SNL’ For Stealing Its Muhammad Sketch

By | 15 Comments

'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' is now actively calling out 'SNL' and making fun of the show for stealing its Muhammad sketch.

#Mad Men

Here’s The ‘Mad Men’ Ending You Never Saw Coming

By | 73 Comments

There's a decent possibility that Don Draper ends up in Italy, of all places.


Anna Chlumsky Delivered One Of The Best Meltdowns In TV History On ‘Veep’ Last Night

By | 13 Comments

Amy Brookheimer quit as President Meyer's campaign manager, but not before getting in a few angry words.


Here’s Why ABC Is The Best Broadcast Network On Television

By | 25 Comments

Here's ABC's formula for becoming not only the highest rated network, but the highest quality network.

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