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The Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 2 Teaser Will Satisfy Your Evil Ward Fix

By | 12 Comments

Brand new footage from the upcoming second season of 'Agents of SHIELD,' which kicks off on September 23rd.


Mike Myers Nearly Quit ‘Wayne’s World’ Because The Studio Demanded He Replace ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

By | 29 Comments

'Saturday Night Live' alum Mike Myers discussed his reputation for being difficult to work with on Marc Maron's podcast.


Here Are Your Necessary Netflix Recommendations To Catch You Up On Fall TV

By | 14 Comments

Five shows you need to watch on Netflix in order to catch you up on Fall television.


‘The Leftovers’ Recap: Be Careful About Who You Wish Would Disappear From Your Life

By | 38 Comments

A flashback episode fills in the cracks in some of 'The Leftovers' mysteries.


Weekend TV Preview: The World’s Most Famous Gallifreyan Takes On A New Identity

By | 8 Comments

The eighth season premiere of 'Doctor Who,' and the series finale of 'True Blood.'


What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: Two New Netflix Original Series

By | 3 Comments

The latest additions, expirations, and news pertaining to Netflix's TV catalogue.


Watch Steve-O Change A Freeway Sign To Say ‘Sea World Sucks!’

By | 9 Comments

Steve-O creatively protests the abuse of captive killer whales.

#The Walking Dead

The New ‘The Walking Dead’ Teaser Suggests Something Straight Out Of Carcosa

By | 14 Comments

Gas masks? Screams coming from behind a closed door? Welcome to season 5 of 'The Walking Dead.'


Is ‘Mad Men’s’ Don Draper Based On Marilyn Monroe?

By | 9 Comments

Matthew Weiner talks about the final season of 'Mad Men' and Don Draper's similiarites to other characters.


Holy Terror Louis Litt Drops A Mic On The Fourth Midseason Finale Of ‘Suits’

By | 7 Comments

Louis Litt lights up Pearson Specter in the fourth mid-season finale.


Kurt Sutter Spoils How Many ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Club Members Will Die This Season

By | 15 Comments

Kurt Sutter reveals the number of club members he plans to kill, and the number may surprise you.


‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor Condones Beating Up Women Who Cheat, Gives Weirdest Apology Ever

By | 23 Comments

Former President of the Hell's Angels and cast member on 'Sons of Anarchy' Chuck Zito stuck his foot in his mouth and couldn't pry it out.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Nathan For You’ Enforces A Movie Theater’s No-Sharing Policy

By | 4 Comments

The 'Nathan For You' season finale, plus an NFL player who moonlights as a magician.

#nathan fielder

Nathan Fielder’s Original Idea Behind The Dumb Starbucks Segment Involved A Store That Sold Porn

By | 6 Comments

The original idea for Dumb Starbucks on 'Nathan for You' involved an adult video store, Nathan Fielder revealed on the Nerdist podcast.

#Robin Williams

David Letterman Reflects On His 38-Year Friendship With Robin Williams, And Yes, You Will Lose It

By | 17 Comments

Letterman's 10-minute tribute to Robin Williams is funny, heartfelt, and heartbreaking.


Woah! Keanu Reeves Lands The Lead In His First TV Series

By | 6 Comments

Keanu Reeves will play a contract killer in his first television project.

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