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Here’s Exactly What Hamlin Told Jimmy In The Closed-Door Scene During This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 10 Comments

The conversation, which was left out of the episode, may play into the final two episodes of the season.

#The Walking Dead

Oh Sh*t: Norman Reedus From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Selling His Atlanta-Area Home

By | 27 Comments

Could this mean that Norman Reedus is leaving 'The Walking Dead,' or is he just moving into a new home?

#The Walking Dead

George R.R. Martin Has Opinions About How To Survive A Zombie Attack On ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 22 Comments

George R.R. Martin knows how to survive a zombie apocalypse, but it would steal all the drama away from 'The Walking Dead.'


How ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Just Like Every Episode Of Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’

By | 18 Comments

Both shows follow Dan Harmon and Joseph Campbell's theory of the monomyth.

#The Walking Dead

Who Will Die In ‘The Walking Dead’ Fifth Season Finale?

By | 95 Comments

If the past history of the show is any indication, don't expect any major characters to die in the season finale.

#Mad Men

All The Details We’ve Learned About The Final Season Of ‘Mad Men’ From Reviews Of The First Episode

By | 8 Comments

Matthew Weiner won't let critics reveal much in their reviews, but this is what we were able to glean.

#The Walking Dead

Meet The Irish Actor Who Says His Agent Cost Him A Lead Role On The ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off

By | 32 Comments

Robert Sheehan, the star of Britain's 'Misfits,' was cast and then uncast from 'Fear The Walking Dead.'


Chevy Chase Made A Surprise Reddit Appearance To Explain The Origin Of ‘I’m Chevy Chase, And You’re Not’

By | 2 Comments

The 'Weekend Update' anchor was inspired by the award phrasing of New York newscaster Roger Grimsby.


NBC Censors Nixed At Least Two Politically Incorrect ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes

By | 44 Comments

In addition to 'The Gun,' there were several other 'Seinfeld' script episode ideas that never made it to air.

#The Walking Dead

We’re The Ones Who Live: 6 Burning Questions We Have After Last Night’s Deranged ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 110 Comments

Here's the burning questions we have going into the fifth season finale of 'The Walking Dead.'

#The Walking Dead

Josh McDermitt’s 10 Best Reddit AMA Answers Tackles Eugene’s Romance With Carol And How He Should Die

By | 4 Comments

"I think Daryl's obviously going to pass on Carol. And maybe it's time for Eugene to step up. He likes cookies."


Popular ‘Top Gear’ Host Set To Be Fired After A Profanity-Filled Rant Against His BBC Bosses

By | 35 Comments

Jeremy Clarkson, the host of the popular British program 'Top Gear,' hinted in a profanity-laced rant that he's about to be sacked.

#The Walking Dead

An Unofficial List Of The 5 Nicest Guys In Television

By | 40 Comments

The nicest guys in Hollywood just happen to be on the best shows in television. Coincidence?


Watch Comedian Bo Burnham Completely Annihilate A Stage-Climbing Heckler

By | 8 Comments

"You're gentle, and and you're lost, I wish you the best, and I really want you to kill yourself."


All The Incredibly Neat Details You Might Have Missed In This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 34 Comments

10 cool details you might not have known about this week's episode of 'Better Call Saul,' 'Bingo'


The Kid Who Played Harrison On ‘Dexter’ Is Now Way Into Crossfit

By | 18 Comments

Jadon Wells, the kid who played Harrison on 'Dexter,' will soon be able to kick your ass.

#The Walking Dead

The Threat On ‘The Walking Dead’ Should Be Ending Soon, According To Science

By | 67 Comments

The rapid decay of corpses should nullify their threat within the next year and a half.

#The Walking Dead

The Easter Egg Hidden In The Last 5 Episode Titles Of This Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 44 Comments

The episode titles in season 5 all callback to a Dale Horvath speech in season one.

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