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Megyn Kelly Drops A Truth Bomb About ‘Trashy’ Women On Mike Huckabee

By | 20 Comments

Fact: Women are having premarital sex with birth control before work and there's nothing Republicans can do about it.


A New Website Allows Users To Turn Their Tweets Into Beautiful Poetry

By | 3 Comments

Poetweet is a site changes your banal 140 characters into beautiful, nonsensical poetry.


Chelsea Handler Posted Another Topless Instagram Photo, This Time While Riding A Camel

By | 17 Comments

Sticking it to the man, one nipple-bearing animal-riding selfie at a time.


What’s On Tonight: The British Are Coming On ‘Sons Of Liberty’

By | 3 Comments

A history lesson on the American Revolution and an hour's worth of Budweiser puppies are tonight's highlights.

#Nick Offerman

Has Nick Offerman Ditched His Signature Mustache?

By | 10 Comments

The "Parks and Recreation" actor is at Sundance promoting his latest film and his new look is turning heads. The mustache is gone. Repeat, the mustache is gone.

#Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston Cracked A Tom Brady #DeflateGate Joke After ‘Breaking Bad’s’ PGA Win

By | 4 Comments

Bryan Cranston issued a major burn to Tom Brady after thanking the Producers Guild for awarding "Breaking Bad" at last night's show.


Turning Your Instagram Pics Into Temporary Tattoos Is A Thing Now

By | 2 Comments

With Picattoo, users can transform their Instagram feed into "Insta-tats" for their body. How meta would it be to wear your own selfie?


What’s On Tonight: It’s All Coming To An End On ‘Justified’

By | 16 Comments

We finally see who the bullet finds when "Justified" premieres its final season.


Report: Rosie Perez Is Leaving ‘The View’ Only Four Months After Joining The Show

By | 12 Comments

Rosie Perez won't be returning at the end of this month as previously planned. Another one bites the dust.


Jeremy Renner Is Not Sorry For His Joke About Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Golden Globes’

By | 19 Comments

The actor defends the joke he made about Jennifer Lopez's cleavage at the 2015 Golden Globes. It's called a pun people!

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