1-on-1 Tournament: Round 1 (Northwest)

02.29.08 10 years ago 29 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONA.I. from Dime #1 (photo. Land)

There are five teams in the Northwest Division: two loaded with All-Star caliber talent, two with promising groups of young talent, and then the Sonics. Just like in the standings, the Nuggets and Jazz own the top part of this bracket in the 1-on-1 tournament, with their superstar duos of A.I./’Melo and Boozer/Deron.

The rules, in case you haven’t been around: Straight 1-on-1, make it-take it, games to 11, all hypothetical. The six division winners will advance to the finals, with two of them getting a bye. (Just like the NFL playoffs.) Vote in the comments section to determine the first-round winners:

(1) Allen Iverson vs. (16) Earl Watson
(8) Kevin Durant vs. (9) Andrei Kirilenko
(5) Brandon Roy vs. (12) Travis Outlaw
(4) Deron Williams vs. (13) Randy Foye
(6) Marcus Camby vs. (11) Mehmet Okur
(3) Carmelo Anthony vs. (14) Kyle Korver
(7) Al Jefferson vs. (10) LaMarcus Aldridge
(2) Carlos Boozer vs. (15) Greg Oden

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Pacific Division
Central Division
Southwest Division
Southeast Division

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