1-on-1 Tournament: Round 3 (Northwest)

03.13.08 10 years ago 205 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTION‘Melo (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

The Northwest Division second round saw just the second tie (according to readers’ votes tallied through Wednesday) in our 1-on-1 tournament, between Deron Williams and Brandon Roy. (The first tie was in the Ben Gordon vs. Danny Granger matchup in the Central Division first round.) In such cases we go to the Dime crew to settle, and the office declared Roy the winner by a close vote.

Going into the divisional semis, here are the rules: Straight 1-on-1, make it-take it, games to 11 (by ones and twos), all hypothetical. The six division winners will advance to the finals, with two of them getting a bye, just like the NFL playoffs. Vote in the comments section to determine the winners:

(1) Allen Iverson vs. (5) Brandon Roy
(2) Carlos Boozer vs. (3) Carmelo Anthony

Round 2 voting:
Iverson 40, Kirilenko 15
Williams 28, Roy 28
‘Melo 53, Okur 1
Boozer 39, Jefferson 15

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