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Game 4 blame game, and Brandon Jennings thinks Rubio is “all hype”

By 06.13.09
Thinkin' of a master plan...

Thinkin' of a master plan...

In the two-day break before Game 5, we’re thinking this is how it’ll go: Saturday will be devoted to figuring out ways the Magic can stay alive, while Friday was the time to talk about how dead they are. In the Game 4 aftermath, everybody had some blame passed their way: the refs for missing crucial calls (just don’t get the Lakers fans started on that), Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu for missing free throws, Jameer Nelson for wandering into Derek Fisher‘s sniper scope, Stan Van Gundy for having Jameer on the court, Rashard Lewis for playing ball like Carl Lewis — some were even blaming Nick Anderson for his mere presence in the arena … Rafer Alston didn’t do the diplomacy thing, admitting he was “shocked” SVG benched him for all of the fourth quarter and overtime in favor of Jameer. For a team that’s actually very good, Orlando’s players and coaches are surprisingly A-OK with throwing each other under the bus. (Remember Dwight publicly questioning SVG during the Boston series?) Chucky “I’m not the GM, ask Kobe” Atkins would fit right in with this group … The NBA reviewed Mickael Pietrus‘ double axe handle smash on Pau Gasol and decided to leave it as is, a flagrant foul with no fines or suspension. No word on whether the League also reviewed Kobe’s version of The People’s Elbow on Jameer’s face, which wasn’t called during the game … Lakers’ assistant Kurt Rambis said he was offered the Sacramento Kings head coaching job but turned it down; which is only noteworthy because the Kings have insisted that Paul Westphal was the only guy they offered. Rambis called the Kings a “project” and said they’re “a ways away from winning. They have holes on their roster.” If you’re Rambis, do you just hang around L.A. to see what happens when Phil Jackson retires? (Which could be sooner than you think if the Lakers win the ‘chip this year and Phil gets his 10th ring as a coach.) … NBA Draft updates: Stephen Curry has canceled the rest of his workouts, seeing as he’s pretty much a lock either for the Wizards at #5 or the Knicks at #8; Tyler Hansbrough said in a radio interview that he thinks he could go higher than 12th; the Bobcats are auctioning off Sean May‘s Unlimited Applebee’s card in order to pay their Lottery pick; and Brandon Jennings — who is always blunt and honest and will make some enemies in the NBA because of it — let everybody know he thinks Ricky Rubio is overrated. “I think I’m a better player than he is,” Jennings was quoted in the Sacramento Bee. “I can shoot the ball better than he can, you know the only time I have seen him do something is when he has a homerun pass or something like that. I think the dude is just all hype.” … Have you seen the new LeBron muppet commercial where he hits “2010” on the weight bench with Kobe’s #24 in the background? Clearly it’s a nod to ‘Bron preparing to face Kobe in next year’s Finals, but some people took it as an attempted hint that LeBron is thinking of signing with the Lakers next summer. Which brought up a question of whether ‘Bron would actually sign with the Clippers, which brought up this comment from Dime reader Maynard: “Just to get this straight, if you play for the Lakers, you play in Los Angeles. If you play for the Clippers, you play for the Clippers.” Hilarious. And so true … We’re out like Baron and ‘Bron on the same team …


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