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D-Wade starts Bulls-in-2010 rumors; New York’s biggest loser

By 08.12.09
Dwyane Wade, Dime #13

Dwyane Wade, Dime #13

In a move reminiscent of these last two years of Brett Favre stalking in the NFL, Dwyane Wade kicked off another round of rumors regarding his 2010 plans when reports surfaced that he recently bought a $1.4 million townhouse in Chicago. Never mind that Wade is from the Chi, so that could’ve been a summer bachelor pad for himself or a gift to his Mom, but it still has people speculating now on whether Flash is interested in signing with the Bulls next summer … Looking ahead to that free agent class, Dime’s Austin Burton thinks Joe Johnson is the guy more people need to be talking about. The Hawks are trying to lock J.J. into an extension before the season starts, but if he becomes an unrestricted FA in 2010, he could lift one team to a championship or give another organization a much-needed identity. After LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh, which 2010 free agent do you think will be the hottest commodity? … Eddy Curry can become a free agent next year — if he declines an $11M player option. Yeah, right. Anyway, EC has allegedly lost another 10 pounds in recent weeks, putting him at about 320. Don’t get too optimistic, though: We heard they just opened up a Sonic not far away from Eddy’s crib in NY … Speaking of, Big Baby Davis‘ new contract with the Celtics includes some weight-based incentives that could be worth as much as $500,000 per season. If that’s not enough motivation to stay below 4X shorts, nothing will work … Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski had a good column on J.R. Smith that ran yesterday. After a summer that has included a 24-day jail term and the whole Twitter fiasco for J.R., is he ready to grow up and start getting the most out of his potential as a player? … We’re not saying J.R. is or isn’t in a gang, but with the topic being talked about in basketball circles lately, we can say there is a definite element of gang culture in the NBA (and in sports, period). We’re not standing in judgment of anyone, because the reality is that in some of the neighborhoods where these athletes grow up — hell, in some of the neighborhoods where members of the Dime crew have grown up — gang affiliation is more about survival than anything sinister. But we’ve worked with players who didn’t want us to shoot certain tattoos, or whom artfully dodged questions where an honest answer would’ve revealed some kind of gang ties. It’s something that is present in the NBA, even if no one wants to really explore it … After the Knicks gave White Chocolate Jason Williams a thanks-but-no-thanks, he’s been working out for the Grizzlies in hopes of landing a job with his former team. Mike Conley is locked in as the starting PG, so J-Will would have to battle Marcus Williams for the backup job. Suppose you can throw Marko Jaric in there, too … Meanwhile, the Knicks (having cooled off on Ramon Sessions apparently) brought in Troy Hudson for a workout. Does no one else realize that ALLEN IVERSON is still sitting out there jobless and perfect for the Knicks? Why isn’t anything happening with this? … If you haven’t been following the scandal at Louisville, here’s the short version: A couple months back, a woman who’s married to Rick Pitino‘s equipment manager/good friend was charged with trying to extort money from Pitino for some (at the time) unknown reason. While the hardcore UL fans and even the local media seemed totally unwilling to buy anything the lady had to say and called her six ways of crazy, now it’s come to light (via Pitino’s own admission) that Pitino did have an affair with her in ’03 and paid for an abortion when she told him she was pregnant. There’s still a lot to be determined legally with this case, but it’s been fascinating going on the Louisville message boards and reading the Pitino loyalists still defending their man to the death. You have to love the “It was six years ago/It was just a moment of weakness” defense from some of the same people who probably wanted Mike Vick buried under a jail back when he got in trouble … The big question right now is how far this will go before Pitino is being pressured to quit his job or the University is being pressured to fire him? … One of the primary concerns of Louisville fans is how this impacts recruiting. So far we haven’t seen any blatant examples of kids backing out on UL because of the Pitino situation, but some look at Class of 2010 big man Fab Melo‘s recent commitment to Syracuse over UL as a bad sign. Check out the rest of the national high school recruiting buzz and other content on … We’re out like Eddy’s side boob …

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