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By 02.01.10

In a lot of ways, Lakers/Celtics shouldn’t have even come down to Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce looking to trade daggers in the final seconds. The Lake Show dominated the first quarter as Andrew Bynum (19 pts, 11 rebs) took ownership of the paint and Kobe (19 pts) hit his typical array of tough shots that he made look easy. Then, after Boston recovered to make it a ballgame, L.A. found themselves down by double-digits in the fourth thanks to Rajon Rondo (21 pts, 12 asts) carving up the defense and Eddie House throwing in some big threes. So the Lakers rallied, and with 45 seconds left, Ron Artest made an awkward runner — yes, you could say all of Ron-Ron’s buckets are awkward — to cut the lead to one. Artest got the ball back when he flopped as Pierce went for his patented pull-up jumper, selling a slight push-off like he’d been punched in the chest by Bas Rutten and drawing the offensive foul. (Doc Rivers after the game: “I know Kobe pushes off a lot.”) … With 27 seconds left, Kobe of course gets the rock, goes to his spot near the free-throw line, gives Ray Allen a pump-fake, fades and sticks the go-ahead bucket with seven seconds left. Watching it unfold, you could predict everything that was going to happen before it happened. That’s when you know somebody’s an assassin in the clutch. On Boston’s possession, Pierce (15 pts) was looking for that same pull-up and had the space he needed, but decided to pass it to Ray, who missed a three at the buzzer … “Chippy” was a popular word with the announcers in this one. Pierce and Artest got into it before tip-off over who was going to stand where, and Pau Gasol and Rasheed almost had a slap fight, among other confrontations … FYI, the Celtics haven’t beaten the Lakers since the last game of the ’08 Finals … Forget the 36 points Amar’e Stoudemire dumped on the Rockets in an overtime win; if you’re a Phoenix fan, you’re more excited about the 11 rebounds. Houston didn’t have anybody that could physically hang with STAT — few teams do, which is why he can be so frustrating — but at least they got to see Yao Ming on the court before the game getting some shots up … Wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago when the Clippers seemed ready to make a playoff run? But it’s like ever since they got the news that Blake Griffin won’t be coming back this season, the Clips threw up their hands and began their annual falling-apart process. Within the last week they’ve lost to the Wolves AND the Nets, Chris Kaman got snubbed for the All-Star Game, and yesterday L.A. found another creative way to lose, giving up almost 50 points in the first quarter to the Cavs. It was all bad. The transition D was bad, the halfcourt D was bad, the interior D was bad, the perimeter D was bad, the rotations were bad, and it didn’t help that LeBron (32 pts, 11 asts) was pulling up from 27-28 feet and knocking down threes like layups … But at least the Clippers are used to despair. The Hornets will have to get used to it. Yesterday they found out Chris Paul will miss the next two months or so following surgery on his left knee, which he hurt against the Bulls the other day. (David West must feel awful, seeing as he threw the bad pass that CP had to chase down and led to the injury.) Paul is also out for All-Star, meaning somebody — Chauncey Billups, Monta Ellis or Aaron Brooks — is getting an alternate shot …

One of our boys’ boys was recently in China as part of his MBA program. He sent us this shot (right) next to the Great Wall … Anthony Tolliver had one of those nights where you just want to turn your phone on silent and not look at it until the next day. Golden State’s recent D-League call-up spent most of the Warriors/Thunder game guarding Kevin Durant and getting his eyes shot out like Ralphie, as KD scored 45 points (16-21 FG, 11-11 FT). And on one of few times where Tolliver got a break and guarded Jeff Green, Green went baseline and banged on his head … Other stat lines from Sunday: Chauncey put up 25 points and 11 dimes, while Kenyon Martin added 27 and 11 boards in Denver’s win at San Antonio; Dwight Howard went for 16 points, 15 rebounds and five blocks to get Orlando past Detroit; Chris Bosh put up 26 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists as the Raptors beat Indiana, their fifth straight win; Kevin Love posted 25 points and 11 boards as Minnesota beat the Knicks; and Brook Lopez had 18 points, nine boards and three blocks in Jersey’s loss to Philly … We’re out like Bas Rutten …


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