The China Nuggets

By: 09.11.11  •  17 Comments
Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

Damn, are the Nuggets trying to send their whole team to China? They better hope the lockout ends sometime soon because they won’t have enough players. First Wilson Chandler. Then it was reported that J.R. Smith may soon become the highest paid player in Chinese Basketball Association history. Now, he may be topped by teammate Kenyon Martin, who has significant interest from two different clubs in the CBA. They are ready to give him an offer even greater than Smith’s. K-Mart is in line to have to take a huge pay cut from any NBA team that signs him (he’s a free agent). But in this setting, he’ll be the king. Do you think Martin would fit in on the court? Do you think he should do it? … While we would love to talk about all the progress the owners and players are making at the end of this week, the real point is that nothing is really happening. Sources are still saying that nothing is really being done. It’s cordial at this point, which is basically all we can ask for right now. We will take it, but the clock is ticking … Do you need to learn how to pass? We have you covered. Who else is better than Rajon Rondo? … Big shout out for 2K Sports for putting us into NBA 2K12. We don’t know about y’all, but we are definitely going to get the game and immediately hit up My Player (the same mode we weren’t 100 percent convinced on) and try to get ourselves on the cover of DimeDoug Collins and the 76er coaches are going about their offseason like it’s any normal summer, and are now meeting and getting ready for the start of training camp. Optimism is great and Philly seems to have a lot of it. How high can they climb in the East next season? When you’re in the East, you better finish with at least a No. 5 seed to have a chance at advancing. There’s no way anyone is beating Boston, Miami or Chicago in the first round … We’re out like Martin.

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