5 Suitors For The Inevitable Monta Ellis Trade

11.18.09 8 years ago 79 Comments

Monta Ellis

At this point, it appears that it’s not if, but rather when, Monta Ellis will be traded from the Warriors. With his agent, Jeff Fried, scheduled to meet with team management in Oakland tomorrow, apparently at Don Nelson‘s urging, Golden State has been calling teams and offering to trade Ellis all week.

We all know the stories. From throwing his teammates under the bus to beefing with Steph Curry to his verbal altercation with Nellie in New York, things have not been good since Monta signed his deal to stay in the Bay. Probably didn’t help with that whole moped thing.

Like Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington before him, when players want out of the Bay, they seem to get their wish. But with four years and $44 million owed to him after this season, he’s not as easily movable as you may think. With that in mind though, here are five potential suitors for Monta:

1. Philadelphia: Monta Ellis for Samuel Dalembert
Like any trade, both teams needs to be willing to part with something. And that’s definitely the case here. The Sixers are in desperate need of another guard, and one that can score, while the Warriors could use an athletic big man in Dalembert.

2. New Orleans: Monta Ellis for Emeka Okafor
With Chris Paul out for the next couple weeks, the Hornets need to act fast. And what better way than to bring in another exciting guard who can take some of the burden off CP3 once he returns. We all know that the Hornets have been underwhelmed for with Okafor’s production since he’s come down to NOLA, and the Warriors would love to have the athletic big shore up their front line. Could be one of the nastiest backcourts in the League.

3. LA Clippers: Monta Ellis for Baron Davis
This would be perfect for both teams. Although he’s back home in Los Angeles, Davis hasn’t been the same since he left Golden State. Plus, the Clippers are basically getting the same type of player – but younger. With so much turmoil up in the Bay, bringing Boom Dizzle back for a renaissance would be a gift to their fans.

4. Cleveland: Monta Ellis for Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Could you imagine a backcourt of Mo Williams, Monta Ellis and LeBron James? While that might be too much firepower for the Cavs, this would definitely be a move in the right direction to get LeBron to think about Cleveland past 2010. With all the injuries on the Warriors, Big Z would get the minutes he’s looking for in Golden State and the cap space after this season. Win-win for both teams.

5. New York: Monta Ellis for Eddy Curry
I know that the Knicks have no desire to acquire long term deals, but it’s becoming increasingly more evident that New York needs some glimmer of hope before any free agent (that wants to win) is going to sign there. Plus, Monta’s deal would be on the books, but at least he’d be productive. Ellis would not only help the Knicks win some games this year, but he’d also sell some jerseys. While E-City probably wouldn’t have much to contribute for the Warriors, if they’re in desperate need to ship Ellis, this move should be considered.

What do you think?

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