All-Star Watch: Rajon Rondo Is A Lock At This Point

11.30.09 8 years ago 60 Comments

Rajon Rondo

We’re only about a quarter into the season, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the All-Star game. There have already been plenty of players that have already made a case for a spot in the league’s midseason classic. One of those players is Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. The fourth-year guard is leading Boston to a 14-4 record – currently the best record in the East. He has never been an All-Star before and a lot of people don’t believe he deserves to be in that class. We break down whether Rondo deserves to be among the NBA’s elite 24.

Why He’s In: Right now things are looking very promising for Rondo. Just weeks after he signed that big extension with the C’s, Rondo has been showing his worth. Aside the fact he is playing for the East’s best team record wise, Rondo has been putting up some stats as well. He is averaging 10.9 ppg, 9 apg (fourth in the league), 4.1 rpg and a league-leading 2.5 spg. For a guard he is a great rebounder and also shoots an excellent percentage (54 percent). Very few guards in the league can match Rondo’s speed. It is doubtful Rondo will get voted in by the fans but he is right there in the mix to get voted in by the coaches.

Why He’s Not: There aren’t many guards around the league that get hated on quite like Rajon. A lot of people think that he is just a product of a loaded team. There is some validity in that claim. Imagine if Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson or Derrick Rose had the luxury of playing with the Big Three. Would it be out of question to say they’d look really good too? If you threw Rondo with the Nets, would they be much better than 0-17? It also doesn’t help that Rondo isn’t the most likeable of guys. We all know about his flagrant fouls on the Bulls during the playoffs and there have even been reports that his attitude has rubbed his teammates, coaches and management the wrong way at times.

Final Verdict: Whether he is a product of a good team or not, I think you’d have to put Rondo in the All-Star Game if the selections were based on these first 20 games. He is in the top five in steals and assists and is playing on a winner. After Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson and Vince Carter, I think you’d have to put Rondo right there with Brandon Jennings for the fourth best guard in the East.

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