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02.29.08 10 years ago 5 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONLarry Hughes (photo. David Deal)

Sam Cassell — Let the green era begin for Sam-I-Am. Cassell’s value will be up and down for the C’s. Like I said the other day, I really expect the Celtics to limit Cassell’s minutes and save him for the playoffs. I think Rondo still gets 30 minutes a game, but it’s definitely worth watching. Rondo owners can’t be happy, but I really believe Rondo’s value won’t take too big a hit.

Larry Hughes — We’ve seen big nights from Hughes before. In one of his last games as a Cav he dropped 40, and had 29 points in a starting role (over Hinrich) the other night for the Bulls. Chicago has been dying for someone who can create his own shot, so Hughes might get a real long go at it as their top scorer.

Von Wafer — If you don’t know the story, supposedly Von Wafer is nasty in
practice and then when the lights come on, he freaks out. That’s been his rep since his Lakers days. He played 32 minutes and scored 11 points and grabbed 5 boards the other night. He has no value unless teams are playing in an empty gym, or if Roy (ankle) is out for a very long time and Wafer gets comfortable.

Johan Petro — Again, seen it before. Yes, Petro played 30-plus minutes against Denver this week and yes, he had 15 and 8, but did you see any of the game? The Nuggets demolished the Sonics. GAR-BAGE TIME. Still worth watching Petro’s minutes down the stretch. They are going to let him try and develop and he is a center. As for a little bit of a future watch, he’s only 22 years old.

Delonte West — Delonte hit 2 threes, grabbed 5 boards, and went for 20
points against his old Celtics team. The numbers are going to be pretty solid for West, but I’d bet most the assists still come from LeBron, not to LeBron.

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