(Almost) Daily Fantasy

03.10.08 10 years ago 9 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONCaron Butler (Photo. Kevin Ou)

The playoffs are approaching. Leave your comments, questions, or problems in the comments box.

The Bulls – Watch out for the two-game week. The Bulls are the only team with just 2 games on the schedule this week.

Eddy Curry – Either straight cut him or bench him. It hasn’t been officially announced, but Curry is probably done for the season.

Dwyane Wade – And like that, Wade’s extremely disappointing fantasy season is over. You shouldn’t be surprised. Although Wade wanted to play, there was absolutely no reason for it. If you’re Shawn Marion and you might very well be a free agent, the end of this season could be nearing as well.

Spencer Hawes – If you need a big man, Hawes might be your best bet. He’s going to get a consistent 25 minutes per game and has real offensive skills. He actually jacked a three last night in a key spot in the 4th quarter. Hawes A) missed, and B) had no business taking the shot, but the kid has confidence in his game.

Rasho – Chris Bosh is most likely out for the entire week, and after watching Rasho go for 16 points and 6 dimes, he’s kind of worth considering in the short term. That’s 3 out of the last 5 games he’s dropped at least 16 points.

Theo Ratliff – He looked really good last night. He’s getting extended time with Sheed out, but McDyess has been struggling and the Pistons want to see if Ratliff can help in the playoffs. He’s a decent short-termer if you need blocks.

Caron Butler – Not only practiced, but reportedly looked good. I’d bench him this week and hope for a return next week.

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