The Knicks’ Plan to Expose Mike Bibby

03.05.09 9 years ago 17 Comments
Mike BibbyMike Bibby

There’s a monster white board in the Knicks locker room – it wasn’t used in quite the same way last year under Isiah‘s reign – which always has Mike D’Antoni‘s most important keys to the game written in big, colorful letters.

When we walked in for pre-game interviews last night, there were a couple of one-liners that caught our eyes. The first of which was a little diagram of the painted area with “No Joe” written in there. More on that in a second.

Number two was “Bibby is struggling – keep him there.” And number three was, “As funny as it sounds – don’t let Pachulia make an impact.”

The Knicks accomplished all three things and won.

Joe Johnson wasn’t shooting well from deep – he went 0-4 from beyond the stripe. During the third quarter, he was able to get in the lane, and during that stretch he scored eight of his 18 points. But aside from that, he had one shot in the painted area in the other three quarters combined.

Bibby continued to struggle throughout the game, as he shot the worst percentage from the floor of any Hawk. For his last four games, his 11-38 from the field (29% FG) and 2-15 from deep (13% 3FG). He’s still struggling.

And finally, Zaza was a total nonfactor. He didn’t attempt a single field goal, finished “-3” in the “+/-” category, and scored only 3 points.

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