Breaking News: Toronto still hates Vince Carter

11.21.08 9 years ago
Vince CarterVince Carter, Dime #21

The Toronto broadcast of Raptors/Nets didn’t show the visiting team intros, but after watching the game for a few minutes, it’s easy to guess what kind of reaction Vince Carter got from the T-Dot fans.

Every time Vince gets the ball the arena has been flooded with boos, and whenever he misses a shot the crowd explodes like their team just hit a game-winner. When Chris Bosh made an and-one over Vince early in the first quarter, I’m not sure if the huge cheer was more for Bosh’s play or more for the fact that Carter was whistled for the foul.

Everyone knows why Toronto hates Vince, but isn’t it time to let it go?

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