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11.28.07 10 years ago 14 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONHinrich sat a lot of bench Tuesday
(Photo. Stephen Hill)

Shawne Williams – First off, know this: Going into the season most people hadn’t heard of Shawne Williams. If you were paying very close attention to the offseason, you’d know that he got busted for marijuana possession and other charges and was suspended for 3 games. Honestly, when I saw that and then saw that Williams was still very much in the Pacers plans in spite of it, I knew to keep an eye out. Williams dropped 21 points and 11 boards last night and seems to be very, very, very much in Jim O’Brien’s plans, whether that’s with J.O. or without. When Jermaine is playing, Shawne might not be ownable … yet. When Jermaine is out? He’s definitely worth a look.

Marquis Daniels – Marquis is playing for a fantasy roster spot right now. He had another nice game with 15 points, 8 dimes and 5 boards. He seems to be getting healthy and provides a spark that Coach O’Brien likes off the bench. I’m still not fully a believer; I don’t think I’d cut anyone on my squad for him yet.

Kirk Hinrich – Don’t cut him, but don’t start him either. Seventeen minutes last night?

Nuggets Power Forwards – Kenyon is hurt but not that hurt. And even when he’s not that hurt, he’s still pretty hurt. You follow that? Nene is hurt-hurt. Kleiza is also somewhat hurt, and not really a power forward, but he played it last night and played pretty well. Najera is not hurt and did his usual hustle thing in 29 minutes against Indiana. So who would I own? Ugh. Does “none of them” work? I really like Kleiza’s potential, I think Kenyon should be owned, Nene should be owned when healthy, and Najera should still be on the watch list.

Nuggets Point Guards – One thing is for sure, George Karl wants to start Iverson at the two-guard. In the last half-a-season or so, he has tried Earl Boykins, Steve Blake, Mike Wilks, Chucky Atkins and now Anthony Carter alongside Iverson at the point. Carter had himself a night yesterday, going for 17 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals. I wouldn’t rush out and grab the oft injured AC, but if he can put one or two more of these together, I might give him a look.

Kurt Thomas – If he qualifies as a center and you’re desperate for boards, Kurt Thomas has to be considered. I’m not sure he’s going to put up 10-plus boards a night in Seattle, but he is the big man of choice right now.

Kyle Korver – He’s a free agent in our league, which counts “three-pointers made” as a category, meaning he should be picked up. Korver hit 4 threes in his return last night.

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