The Lakers Have Turned Against D’Angelo Russell After His Secret Video Of Nick Young Went Public

03.30.16 2 years ago 19 Comments

The Lakers are in disarray and it’s got very little to do with a franchise-worst 15-59 record that’s got them at the bottom of the Western Conference. No, it’s some real-life drama from their college-aged locker room.

Sources tell Baxter Holmes and Marc Stein of the Lakers have turned against prized rookie D’Angelo Russell after a secret recording he took of Nick Young was made public.

Just how the video made it’s way to the internet is anyone’s guess, but we saw it a few days back and chose to move on from the story because the quality was grainy and unsubstantiated and Russell is an idiot teenager who deserves to be an idiot teenager for a little while longer. We can’t ignore it now.

According to sources within the team who spoke to ESPN, the video has fractured the locker room and turned everyone against the No. 2 pick in last June’s Draft, with the roiling tension coming to a head in Monday’s 48-point drubbing at the hands of the Jazz.

As you’d expect when a teammate records another teammate in a moment of privacy and then said video makes its way to the masses, trust in that teammate has been lost, and that’s a bigger deal than the ribald tone of the tape. Here’s more from ESPN:

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