Danny Granger Explains Storming Out Of The Locker Room And His Batcave

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Danny Granger

Indiana Pacers star Danny Granger is as low key as it gets. But after Indiana’s third straight loss against Denver on Tuesday night, Granger aka Batman made a big statement by storming out of the locker room without speaking to the media. Prior to last night’s game against the Knicks, we talked to the All-Star about the slow start and getting that first win. As fate would have it three hours later, Granger got 21 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals as the Pacers went on to earn that inaugural “W”.

Dime: How was your Halloween?
Danny Granger: It was good. We had the day off so that was cool.

Dime: Did you dress up as Batman?
DG: (laughs) No Batman outfit. I just stayed home and hung out with my family.

Dime: We know you are building a Batcave in your house in New Mexico. How’s that progressing?
DG: (laughs) It’s making some progress. We’re still digging, we still have a ways to go.

Dime: So are you going all out having all the TV monitors in the cave and an authentic Batmobile?
DG: Something like that. I’m taking it pretty far. Not too crazy, but it will be something you’ve never seen before.

Dime: Now that you are an All-Star, do you feel more is expected out of you this year?
DG: Yeah, I think my team is holding me to a higher standard, I’m holding myself at a higher standard. It’s an ongoing struggle to perform at a higher level, but I’m very capable of it.

Dime: Now that you are no longer flying under the radar, what specific kinds of defenses have you seen thrown at you in the past year?
DG: (laughs) You know, just about everything. From double teams to loading to the ball to switching, to zones, everything. I’ve seen them all. I think the NBA has gotten more technical as far as covering offenses and very good offensive players. So it gets hard sometimes.

Dime: How hard has the Pacers’ 0-3 start been for you personally?
DG: Very tough, considering we didn’t make the playoffs last year but we were very close. We definitely blew an opportunity to get off to a good start. We haven’t played well, particularly on the offensive end. It’s just a matter of getting our confidence and getting that first win under our belt and moving ahead from there.

Dime: Explain what happened last night with you immediately leaving the locker room without talking to the media after losing to Denver.
DG: It was just frustration. I didn’t want to deal with nothing.

Dime: How do you regroup after a frustration loss like that?
DG: I tend to take a lot of things personally. I don’t care how many games we played, I take losses to heart. That gets the best of me sometimes and I just had to watch the game film and find out what went wrong and it’s time to put it behind me because we have another game tonight.

Dime: Do you feel you need to be more vocal this year on the court or are you a more of a lead by example type of leader?
DG: More vocal definitely. Lead by example doesn’t really get it done anymore. So definitely more vocal.

Dime: Like you were saying earlier, you were so close to the playoffs. Do you feel the blame falls on you if you fail to make the playoffs?
DG: A lot of it would. Basketball is a team game. You can have a lot of good players on teams but if you don’t have an overall team, you won’t be successful. So, a lot of people will take ownership on that too.

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