Dime NBA Power Ranking: Lakers fall outside the Top 5

12.06.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

Ranking the NBA from worst to first…

30. Sacramento Kings (4-14)
Last week — Lost to Indiana, lost at L.A. Lakers, lost to Dallas
It’s not exactly ideal when, during the last two minutes of a close game against one of the NBA’s elite teams, your announcer says something like “Beno Udrih wants the basketball,” and it’s supposed to be a reason for optimism. The losing streak is at seven.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves (5-15)
Last week — Lost at Dallas, lost at San Antonio, beat Cleveland
Before you pencil Kevin Love (19.4 ppg, 15.3 rpg) into the All-Star Game, remember we had this same conversation about Al Jefferson a couple years ago. It’s tough to crack the ASG roster when your team is losing.

28. New Jersey Nets (6-15)
Last week — Lost at New York, lost to Oklahoma City, lost at Charlotte, lost to Boston
Devin Harris’ return from injury didn’t do much for the offense, as the Nets were held to 75 points by the Celtics.

27. Los Angeles Clippers (4-17)
Last week — Beat San Antonio, lost at Denver, lost at Portland
As a Seattle native I don’t want to co-sign on the Blake Griffin comparisons to Shawn Kemp, but it’s getting harder to deny with every statement dunk. Somebody ask Alton Lister for his opinion.

26. Milwaukee Bucks (7-12)
Last week — Lost at Utah, lost at Denver, beat Orlando
They need some kind of offensive flow beyond the Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut pick-and-roll. The Bucks rank 30th in the NBA in scoring and 30th in assists.

25. Charlotte Bobcats (7-13)
Last week — Lost at New Orleans, beat New Jersey, lost at Philadelphia
It’s OK, nobody in North Carolina is paying attention anyway; the Tar Heels beat Kentucky and Duke is ranked No. 1 in the country.

24. Philadelphia 76ers (6-14)
Last week — Beat Portland, lost at Atlanta, beat Charlotte
The same week Evan Turner gets benched, Jodie Meeks drops 20 points and 6 threes in the first half against the Bobcats as the starter. Doug Collins is looking for anything that works, so he may roll with that lineup for a while.

23. Cleveland Cavaliers (7-13)
Last week — Lost to Boston, lost to Miami, lost at Minnesota, lost at Detroit
I figured the Cavs/Heat game would be a turning point for Miami, but it may have been the same in the opposite direction for Cleveland. They’ve been terrible since (and during) the Battle of Little ‘Bron-horn.

22. Detroit Pistons (7-14)
Last week — Lost at Orlando, lost at Miami, lost to Orlando, beat Cleveland
“It’s tough to get into a rhythm sometimes when you are playing 17 minutes a game one night and 35 the next time.” Rip Hamilton said it following Sunday’s win over the Cavs, but that could be anybody on the Pistons roster right now.

21. Washington Wizards (6-13)
Last week — Lost at Miami, lost at Toronto, beat Portland, lost at Phoenix
Can you name five alley-oop combos better than John Wall and JaVale McGee?

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