The Shining

05.02.08 10 years ago 81 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONChauncey Billups (photo. adidas)

If you were pulling for the Sixers to at least make last night’s Game Six interesting, you didn’t want to get an e-mail like the one Jed sent out amongst the Dime crew during the first quarter, the one that read: “I’m not sure if Philly is going to score in this game.” … After finally getting on the board, the Sixers scored just 12 points in the opening quarter and found themselves down by 18 at the half. Early in the third quarter, with Jason Maxiell throwing down dunks with no one in the camera shot and Doug Collins writing Philly’s eulogy with somber lines like “This is too bad,” the only question was whether it would be a 20-piece McNugget or a 30-piece … Rip Hamilton led Detroit with 24 points, and had Willie Green running around like he was lost in the maze from The Shining. Seeing as Rip crucified Willie throughout the series and had a clear mismatch, why did Mo Cheeks refuse to make an adjustment? Would it have been so radical to try Lou Williams or Rodney Carney on Rip, just to see if it worked out? … Rip, by the way, may not be a full-fledged member of the Michael Redd/Manu Ginobili Hair Club for Men yet, but he’s definitely browsing the brochure … Chauncey Billups added 20 points and 7 dimes with just one turnover, completing what had to have been an agonizing series for Andre Miller. Remember when ‘Dre came out looking like an All-Star in the first game? After that he got exceedingly closer to “mediocre,” capped by last night’s 11-point, 2-assist, 4-for-16 shooting performance … At least the Philly fans were nice. Despite the blowout they gave the team a standing ovation in the final minute as thanks for a good season. Yeah, the Sixers finished under .500, but they got back to the playoffs and gave a superior Detroit team a tough time in the first round. No one would have predicted that from them going into the year … Anyone care to explain what Sam Dalembert was doing with his hair? The mohawk was bad; braiding the mohawk so it looked like he had a drag-racing strip in the middle of his head was worse … Collins compared Jason Smith to a young Mehmet Okur because of his size and shooting ability. Smith is faster and not as ground-bound as Memo — and he’s a little more willing to stick his nose in there and take a hit — but otherwise the comparison isn’t too far off … There was a play in the first half where Willie Green went up for a tough shot in the lane and the court mics caught him screaming “AND-ONE!” Don’t get ahead of yourself, man: you shot 64 percent from the stripe in the series … We had a Kevin Ollie sighting. He checked in at the very end of the first half and immediately ate a step-back jumper from Chauncey at the buzzer … D-Wade was in the TNT studio, subjecting himself to endless clowning about the Star Jones rumors. Flash wasn’t as smiley-faced as guys like Chris Webber or Jalen Rose have been on TV, especially when talk turned to the Miami Heat. He did reveal that new coach Erik Spoelstra helped him a lot in developing his pull-up jumper … Yesterday on we posted our second edition of the Playoff Players Hit List, where we rank who’s playing the best in this postseason. Chris Paul had the top spot last week; was Kobe good enough in knocking out the Nuggets to knock CP off the pedestal? And how far did Steve Nash fall after getting lit up by Tony Parker? … Kevin Durant won the Rookie of the Year in a vote that wasn’t as close as we expected. KD got 90 of the 125 first-place votes, with Al Horford getting 30 and Luis Scola getting the remaining five. Al Thornton finished 4th in the voting and Jamario Moon was 5th … Hawks coach Mike Woodson was all upset over the whole thing, calling it a “travesty” that Horford didn’t at least get Co-R.O.Y. honors. “We haven’t had a power forward/center come in our league and do what he’s done in I don’t know how many years,” Woodson said. “I mean, come on, man.” (Maybe Woodson should be more worried about figuring out when to play Joe Johnson.) If Horford had actually averaged a double-double instead of falling just short we’d have more sympathy, but Durant has to get credit for dropping 20 points a night (comparable to LeBron and ‘Melo as rookies) against defenses geared to stop only him because the Sonics were so terrible … Dennis Rodman found himself in trouble again this week, getting arrested Wednesday on suspicion of felony domestic abuse. Rodman was allegedly drunk and grabbed his girlfriend’s arm hard enough to cause bruising. Sadly, this isn’t surprising at all. Rodman has attempted various comebacks into the public eye (“Celebrity Mole,” various reality shows and other money-making acts of desperation) and it’s getting increasingly difficult to remember him as just a solid basketball player … And remember when The Worm got into wrestling? With only one NBA game last night that left some open time on the TV for the Dime crew, and a couple of us wound up watching “TNA Impact!” The main event? A tag match involving Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner. Angle looks a lot smaller than his WWE days (Is he off the “substances”?), while Steiner is just a mess. He’s still humongous, but he’s got these pockets of flab hanging off of places where there used to be muscle and his chest (where he’s sporting a large cross tattoo now) looks almost caved in. Not to mention Steiner was obviously gassed after about three minutes in the ring. It’s time to actually sit in the recliner instead of applying it, Scott … We’re out like the Sixers …

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