I See Three of Him

12.04.08 9 years ago
Rajon RondoRajon Rondo, Dime #39

If the upset-specialist Pacers are the NBA’s Rocky, then last night Rajon Rondo was like Ivan Drago in the early rounds of the Rocky IV main event. “It seemed like there was like three Rondos out there tonight,” KG said post-game. “I looked up and he’s passing the ball to [Pierce]; it came off the rim and he was rebounding it. Then all of a sudden I got back on defense and he had beat me back. And then Granger went to drive and he was there on the strip. And we got loose and threw it up for a layup and HE GOT THE LAYUP. I sort of had to turn around and say, ‘How many? What is this boy?'” KG pretty much summed it up perfectly: Rondo went beast-mode on the Pacers, putting up 16 points, 13 boards, 17 assists and three steals in a blowout win. Our favorite play was when KG front-rimmed a jumper and Rondo came flying in from the right side, reached around the rim and snagged the ball, then pulled it back to his side and dropped in a bucket. This all happened in mid-air, by the way … One time Marquis Daniels fired up a three, and as soon as he started his shooting motion Celtics announcer Mike Gorman said, “Daniels doesn’t hesitate.” When the shot bricked miserably, Gorman deadpanned, “He should have.” … Meanwhile, the Lakers were back at it after their upset loss to the Pacers, playing in Kobe‘s hometown against the struggling Sixers. When Andrew Bynum wasn’t dunking every chance he got, it was the Mamba Show. Kobe dropped 32 and was just humiliating Andre Iguodala, giving him drives, spins, step-backs, fadeaways, left-hand, right-hand, everything. (Remember when A.I.2 was supposed to be a Scottie Pippen-level defender?) Iguodala responded by launching bad threes and long twos that weren’t coming close. Said NBA TV’s Eric Snow during a montage of the carnage, “You can’t allow the best player in the world to just play like this without help.” … One of Philly’s announcers said none of the Lakers have played more than 40 minutes in a game yet this season. Fresh legs in June, anyone? …

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

The numbers weren’t as staggering as usual, but D-Wade (23 pts, 5 rebs, 5 asts, 4 stls) still dominated the Jazz. Example: The sequence in the first half where he swooped in on Ronnie Price and rejected his shot, forced a turnover on Price during that same possession, then dunked on Price’s head on the other end. (Ronnie needs to burn that piece of footage.) … Mario Chalmers was also big, collecting three steals and helping force Deron Williams into six turnovers. Twice in the fourth quarter Chalmers stripped Deron naked, leading to transition buckets for the Heat … We’ve been getting on Mike Dunleavy Sr. recently for his play-calling, but today we’ve gotta question his rotation. Chris Kaman was out for Clippers/Rockets, so whenever Marcus Camby couldn’t guard Yao (24 pts, 10 rebs), the job fell to Zach Randolph — who even if he wanted to play D, is too short to guard Yao AND he can’t jump. So if you’re Dunleavy, wouldn’t you use this time to see what DeAndre Jordan can do? But of course Jordan logged another DNP-CD while Paul Davis and Brian Skinner got burn … Houston’s play-by-play guy on Baron: “He’s traveling all over the place, palming the ball, doing every illegal thing imaginable.” However, he conceded, Baron’s a star and he can do that … Speaking of Yao, in continuing our “Who’s better?” series, yesterday we put Yao up against Dwight Howard. Check out the arguments and let us know your pickJosh Smith is back, putting up 14 points in a win over the Grizzlies … Do you know what happens when your team blatantly and shamelessly tanks two seasons for the chance to get a superstar free agent? Whenever your team then plays against said superstar and one of your guys gives him a hard foul, people will make jokes about how your team shouldn’t do anything that might hurt the superstar. Then everyone laughs at your team. Gotta love those Knicks … You know who’s probably the most disappointed that Sam Mitchell got fired? Vince Carter. He was making a killing off that guy … We’re out like DeAndre’s burn …

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