Donte Greene Makes A Terrible Mistake

03.13.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Bobby Jackson

While every Syracuse fan is not only tired but happy today, I can’t say the same for ‘Cuse alumnus Donte Greene.

After failing at his rookie duties which led to his car being filled with popcorn, Greene vowed revenge and went after the culprit: Bobby Jackson.

Let’s just say, that’s not a very good idea. What did Greene do? How about “dousing the outside of Jackson’s white Mercedes with a mixture of dog food, soy sauce and condiments that sent a stench emanating from the car and sent Jackson into a locker room rant not likely to go unresolved.”

Wow. It’d be one thing if you were Derrick Rose or O.J. Mayo, but come on Donte. You’re averaging 3.7 points and 1.4 rebounds per game. I believe Sactown Royalty said it best:

“Memorial services for Donte will be held Saturday. In lieu of flowers, please donate paper towels to the Donte Greene Memorial Stupid Rookie Mistakes Foundation, c/o Bobby Jackson, 1 Arco Arena Drive, Sacramento CA.”

Donte Green

Donte Green

Source: Sacramento Bee

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