Erik Spoelstra: “I Don’t Think Anybody On Either Side Likes Each Other Anymore”

04.30.09 8 years ago 48 Comments


During the regular season we heard over and over again about how there were chemistry issues in the Hawks’ clubhouse. Josh Smith and Mike Woodson couldn’t seem to get along. But during the post-season, Atlanta seems to turn that inner strife outwards. They did so during last year’s intense first-round matchup with Boston. And now there is some real beef brewing between the Heat and the Hawks.

At the end of the game last night when the Hawks were already up huge, J-Smoove tried a ridiculous between-the-legs dunk on the break, which he bricked off the back of the rim. That didn’t go over too well with Dwyane Wade or Erik Spoelstra.

“We were very insulted by it,” Wade said.

“There at the end it turned into a highlight show, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “Really trying to embarrass us. Now we’ve played five games against each other. I don’t think anybody on either side likes each other anymore.”

I’m with Wade and Spoelstra. That’s a punk move. Smith has to realize that his dunking expo was going to incite something, especially when 20-piecing a team in the playoffs. But maybe that’s what he wants. With Horford, Pachulia, Smith and even Solomon Jones, the Hawks are more likely to come out on top in a physical, ugly game.

However, he’s now given Wade chalkboard material. Look what Flash has done when he feels like he has something extra to prove. He felt that way before the Olympics this summer and came out as Team USA’s best player (or maybe No. 2 behind LeBron). He felt that way before this season, and proceeded to then lead the League in scoring. All eyes will be on D-Wade to see how he responds now.

Source: Rotoworld

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