Fire Randy Wittman, Hire Jesus Christ

12.07.08 9 years ago

If the Toronto Raptors need to change their image, the Minnesota Timberwolves need to change their coach. After claiming that he sleeps “in a padded bedroom now” in reference to the T-Wolves’ woes a couple weeks ago, it’s time to let Randy Wittman sleep in for good. That’s right, fire Randy Wittman.

Sure Minnesota is a young team, but since taking over for Dwane Casey in January 2007, Wittman is 38-105. And for whatever the reason, he doesn’t seem too worried.

“There’s nothing you can worry about,” Wittman said. “When you get hired, you’re bound to get fired. You don’t worry about it. I’m not. You’ve got to prepare each day. That’s what I’ve got to continue to do.”

Really? When Larry Brown, let’s go with Mike D’Antoni was hired by the Knicks, did he assume that he was going to be fired? I highly doubt it. When coaches take a gig, they assume they have what it takes to win. If you’re Al Jefferson though, it doesn’t matter who the Timberwolves bring in to replace Wittman, as long as the players don’t cultivate the winning attitude.

“They could do whatever they wanted to do,” Jefferson said of Wolves management. “But it starts right here in this locker room with us. Jesus Christ himself could come out here and coach us, but if we don’t go out there and play hard and play together, it won’t mean nothing.”

While I think a team coached by Mr. Christ could win 70 games, I get where Jefferson is coming from.

What should the Timberwolves do?

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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