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In all seriousness, today might be the biggest day in the history of the Portland Trail Blazers franchise. Really. Greg Oden is going under the knife for his exploratory knee surgery, and the results just might make the difference between him being the next Patrick Ewing or the next Sam Bowie. (And don’t start with the “Dime cover jinx” thing.) Hopefully the injury is minor and we get to see a full-strength Oden this year, but you know every Blazers fan and person associated with the organization has a big knot in their stomach right now. We were looking at G.O.’s blog where he posted the following: “On my vacation earlier this summer I got up off the couch and remember my knee having a sharp pain in it. That was about a month ago. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to seem like I was complaining or making excuses for anything, plus I wasn’t doing anything at the time I realized it hurt, so I figured it couldn’t be anything big.” By sitting on that piece of information for as long as he did, how much time on the sidelines might Oden have caused himself? We’ll know a lot more hopefully later today and at least in the next couple of days … Speaking of surgery, LeBron underwent Lasik eye surgery over the weekend, reportedly improving his vision to 20/15. The better to see Cleveland’s mediocre shooters open on the perimeter, it seems. The Cali doctor who did LeBron’s surgery has also operated on Rip Hamilton and Cuttino Mobley … The Mavs inked Devin Harris to an extension that’s believed to be in the 5-year, $40 million range. If this was last summer and Devin was coming off that ’06 postseason run, we like the move. But he didn’t do a lot to distinguish himself this year despite some OK numbers (10.2 ppg, 3.7 apg, 1.2 spg). Is he worth $8 million a year? … We do know Devin is worth more than Allan Houston, though. After holding a workout for any teams interested in him this week, H20 got a non-guaranteed contract offer from the Nets — which he likely won’t take, we would imagine. In addition to Jersey, the Cavs, Heat and Knicks were among the teams who came to watch Allan … While their No. 1 target, P.J. Brown, is slow-walking with his decision on whether he’ll play another season, the Suns are auditioning big men. First up: Vitaly Potapenko, Michael “Throw it Higher” Ruffin and Elton Brown (whose claim to fame is being the No. 1 overall pick in the D-League draft last year). Next week it’s Brian Skinner, Mike Sweetney (NO WAY he can play in Phoenix’s system), Clippers lottery bust Yaroslav Korolev and FIBA Americas star Esteban Batista. Out of that group we like Skinner the most, or maybe Brown, who isn’t bad. We’re still not sold on Batista … Meanwhile, the Bucks have been looking for a third PG in case Charlie Bell bounces. So far it’s between Dee Brown, Mike Wilks, Royal Ivey and Scoonie Penn. Where’s he been? … We know you’ve been waiting for this, so thank us later: “American Gladiators” is back, and they’re having an open tryout this Saturday in New York. From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Brooklyn’s Paerdegat Athletic Club will host a tryout for those who wanna either be Gladiators or be a contestant … Tyrus Thomas held his celebrity golf tourney in Baton Rogue, La., last week, drawing Big Baby and P.J. Brown among others. Gotta wonder if Tyrus approached his golf game with the same zeal he approached the Dunk Contest? Or did he just tee off, get the check and go home? … Overheard in the office the other day: “I would go to the Westminster Dog Show wearing a Mike Vick jersey.” … We’re out like Sweetney in a Suns uni …

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