Giveaway: Decide Who Wins The Converse Poorman Weapon

08.02.10 7 years ago 115 Comments

Two weeks ago, we had a contest to design your own Converse Poorman Weapon before they dropped for the masses. And from all the submissions we got, we figured that we’d let you guys vote on the winner. Below are the Top 5 designs and some design inspirations, so let us know who should see their pair come to life.

Dion Gardiner
Here’s a shot of my Poormans using the Raptors color scheme. I’m sure there’s a joke in there about how poor the Raptors are going to do this season, but I’ll leave that to you guys.

Jon Broyles
Nothing looks better than a fresh white shoe. Plus, a little contrast with an off-white/white body doesn’t hurt either. (Especially with the classic Converse canvas.) I wanted to go almost Jordan-esque with the red/white/black, but as cool as this shoe is, it needed something else. I’ve been super into purple lately, and a purple/red combo definitely delivers a punch. A black toe will keep them cleaner longer and looks dope anyway, and the purple laces brings it back around.

George Clausell II
The inspiration for my shoe is being easy to wear, squads I like in college basketball and one of my nicknames. I picked the combination of blue and grey because you can rock that color combo with multiple outfits versus something like a loud green which you can only wear with certain clothes. Also, the dark blue and grey rep my G-Town Hoyas and the Carolina or sky blue reps the Tar Heels who I also like. The shoe’s are also tagged with one of my nicknames, “The Mayor,” because I am way better on defense than offense. I would tell cats before or during a game, “Welcome to Shutdown City and I am The Mayor.” It kinda stuck. G2 is just my number in my line of family G’s. Dad is G1, me G2, and of course my son is G3.

Jhiam Marasigan
I’m still hurting from Brett Favre leaving, especially when he singlehandedly killed The Pack last year… TWICE! This would look good with my new Aaron Rodgers jersey and will definitely ease the pain when they play again next year.

Kyle Griffith
I called them the “Dragons 1 Hi.”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below who should win.

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