Help Give Big Baby A New Nickname

01.27.10 8 years ago 215 Comments

Note: Comment now, because we are going to name a winner tomorrow morning…

Sometimes people just outgrow their nicknames. Just look at Diddy and Mark Wahlberg. Glen Davis, who is known to the world as “Big Baby”, no longer wants to be called by his nickname. Before last night’s game against the Clippers, Davis told reporters that he wants people to see him in a new and more mature light.

“I’ve been called ‘Big Baby’ all through my life,” said Davis. “But I’m going through changes. I’m in a cocoon and I’m coming out a different player, a different person. Basically, the new person is growth. I’m shedding that ‘Big Baby’ and you can see something else, not the past.”

We’re guessing this dropping of the nickname has something to do with his recent troubles. As we know, Davis angered the Celtics organization when he hurt his hand in the preseason by fighting with a friend. Things got worse last week, when Davis shouted obscenities at a heckling fan in Orlando (he was later fined $25,000 by the league). Obviously having the nickname “Big Baby” doesn’t exactly exude a positive image.

A reporter suggested Davis start going by “Uno-Uno” because of his number. Davis said he liked it and would “blast that on Facebook and Twitter.” It’s not official, so there is still time for Davis to get a new nickname.

What should Glen Davis’ new nickname be? The winner will get a special prize from the Dime office.

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