H.O.F. Watch – Dikembe Mutombo

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Every day we’re taking one active NBA star with at least arguable Hall of Fame credentials and breaking down his chances of getting into the Springfield, Mass., hoops mecca. We’re looking at not just past accomplishments, but also how a player’s career realistically projects for the future. For a full explanation of the process, click here. Today’s candidate: Dikembe Mutombo.

DIKEMBE MUTOMBO (17th yr., Rockets/Knicks/Nets/76ers/Hawks/Nuggets)
10.0 points, 10.5 rebounds, 2.7 blocks per game

Why: One of those rare players who can take over a game without scoring or even being involved in his team’s offense. In his prime, Mutombo was good for about 14 boards and three blocks per night, not to mention countless altered shots. Offenses game-planned around Mutombo, and his mere presence would often cut off penetration before it even started. Deke has four NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards to show for it, including a dominant run where he won three DPOY trophies in a four-year stretch from ’95-98. He also has six All-Defensive Team nods, two All-NBA nods, and made eight All-Star games (grabbing 22 boards in the ’01 ASG). He led the League in rebounding average twice and in total rebounds four times, and led the League in total blocks five times while taking the blocks-per-game crown three times. On the NBA’s all-time career list, he ranks second in blocks and in the Top 20 in rebounds. Even as he’s passed age 40 and is playing out the tail-end of his career as a backup, Dikembe is still a shot-blocking force to be reckoned with who will pull down 10-plus rebounds when given starter’s minutes. Not to mention, off the court Mutombo’s extensive charity work has made him the preeminent goodwill ambassador and one of the great role models in pro sports.

Why not: Mutombo was never an offensive force — his highest scoring average for a season was 16.6 points per game, which he hit in his rookie year and never got close to again. In 11 playoff appearances he’s only made one legit championship run, with the Sixers in ’01, more often getting knocked out in the first or second round.

Our call: IN

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