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* If Andrew Bynum is now totally off the trading block, is there still a possibility to deal Jason Kidd to the Lakers? (ESPN Insider) “On Monday, as I was pondering trade possibilities for Kidd, I came up with this proposal: Lamar Odom, Javaris Crittenton and Sasha Vujacic for Kidd,” writes ESPN’s Chris Broussard. “I threw my proposal out to a few league executives Monday, and they said they’d make that deal in a heartbeat — if they were the Nets. In fact, I’m told that earlier this season, the Nets offered Kidd to L.A. for Odom, Vujacic and Jordan Farmar, but the Lakers weren’t interested.”

* LeBron doesn’t want J-Kidd to stroll over to Kobe without the Cavs putting in a bid. But he doesn’t want to have to be the one prompting the deal. “When it gets to a point like that, where you see Jason Kidd wants to be traded, you shouldn’t have to go to the front office and tell them to get on it,” James said. “It’s Jason Kidd. It’s not someone else asking for a trade. It’s Jason Kidd. You shouldn’t have to go to anybody in the front office for them to be ready to try to jump on it.”

* Rasheed Wallace had a huge game on the road last night, putting up 24 points and grabbing 10 boards, much to the chagrin of Flip Saunders. “I told the staff, that’s what really pisses you off, when you see him play like that for three quarters,” said Flip. “Everyone knows he’s got the ability to do that night in and night out.”

* Despite dropping to the Lakers 120-109 last night, Zach Randolph was still talking about Sunday night’s loss to Golden State. Randolph suggested that the Knicks would have been better suited playing him alongside Eddy Curry instead of downsizing to deal with the speedy Warriors. “Nah, that ain’t the right way. The right way – how I know, coaches I had in the NBA and in college – they tell me we don’t care how we match up, they gotta match up to us. That’s what I learned playing in the NBA and college.”

* At least Dwyane Wade‘s troubles don’t follow him off the court. A fan asked to meet Wade at his 26th birthday party in exchange for paying half of his $4,500 bill. “That was great. I said I should start going to different restaurants and if people want to come up and pay for my bill, I like it,” Wade said. “He and his daughter and her friend just wanted to meet me. He didn’t give me his card.”

* It looks like C.J. Watson‘s hard bargaining with Chris Webber for the No-4 jersey didn’t have as much bite as bark. On Tuesday, Watson switched to former Spartan Jason Richardson‘s No-23. “If he wants it, I’m taking all (offers),” Watson said to the Contra Costa Times on Monday. “But what if, the paper asked, Webber just gave him a stern staredown? ‘Then he might win,’ Watson said.” Looks like he won.

* Nellie responded to criticism of his newest acquisition’s inability to run the fast break. “First of all, we only run a four-man break, and often times, we run a one-man break and that’s Monta,” Nelson said. “Who’s to say that Jackson and Baron are great runners? Monta’s a great runner. If I’m running a four-man fast break, (then) we need more pressure put on the other guys to run than Webber, because I know Webber’s not a great runner.”

* After yesterday’s discussion on the Dime site about Homer color-commentary, the Wizards’ Steve Buckhantz actually raised the bar when Anthony Parker hit a ridiculous fade-away three with two guys in his face to send the game to OT. “Noo!!!! It’s not possible! But he did it! It’s not possible but he did it!” It was deja vu for the Wizards, who immediately thought of Morris Peterson‘s game-tying buzzer-beater on March 30, 2007. But this time, the Wiz didn’t let it slip away in OT. “This time, they just hit a great shot and that was it,” said Antonio Daniels. “We just huddled up and said, ‘We are not losing this game, no matter what.'”

* With Tough Juice sidelined because of a hip injury, Andray Blatche got the start for Washington – and he made the most of it. Blatche finished with 19 points and 8 rebounds, while also having to contain Chris Bosh‘s point-parade. “Without those two performances tonight,” Antawn Jamison said of Blatche and Dominic McGuire, “this game probably would have been a different story.”

* Despite having two-thirds of the Big Three sitting on the bench, the Celtics torched Miami for 117 points in a win last night. Thus, the Heat were basically embarrassed by thirty points against last year’s Celtic squad. “To have 117 points when Paul Pierce only had 7 and Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen didn’t play is something that we didn’t expect before the game,” Doc Rivers said.

* Kevin Durant‘s 19-footer with just over 30 seconds left ultimately decided the Sonics’ 88-85 win over San Antonio and snapped Seattle’s 14-game skid. In doing so, it felt like more than just a regular season W. “It felt like we won a championship,” said Durant.

* Yao beasted Golden State inside last night for 36 points and 19 boards, putting the Rockets on his back with Tracy McGrady back on the bench, who missed his 15th game of the season. “I thought Yao played much more aggressive,” Al Harrington said. “It seemed like he was (angry) about the last four or five games played (against the Warriors), and he really showed it.” The big man sealed the victory from the free throw line down the stretch, as he hit 14-15 free throws for the second time in four games. “I made the free throws,” Yao said of the difference in the fourth quarter. “I think it was our lucky day. Those are free points. Free is good.” Over his previous two games against the Warriors, Yao averaged 13 points and 8 boards.

* Josh Smith missed his first nine shots against the Suns last night. Amare and Shawn Marion ended up chuckling on the bench through the second half as Phoenix cruised to a 125-92 win. “The hits just kept coming all night long, shot after shot after shot,” Josh Childress said. “We just couldn’t get out of the quicksand. I don’t know what to tell you, and I don’t know what to attribute this to. This was just unacceptable. They just kicked our tails from top to bottom.”

* Side note – NBA players affected by the flu or flu-like symptoms last night: Baron Davis, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade, Mo Williams, Tracy McGrady, Richard Hamilton (just returned it), and Damien Wilkins. How many need to be diagnosed for this to be an epidemic?

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