Jason Kidd Can’t Retire From International Play

08.25.08 9 years ago 10 Comments
Jason KiddJ-Kidd (photo. Jordan Hollender)

Joe DiMaggio‘s 56-game hit streak is considered one of the greatest records in all of sports. And now, we can add Jason Kidd‘s 56-0 mark in international play (including Olympics, Olympic qualifying, and exhibition games). That is, for now.

“I’m undefeated,” Kidd said. “I told them I can retire now from international ball, but LeBron threw out something I didn’t like. He said he won’t play in 2012 unless I’m there.”

Kidd would be close to 40 by the time the London 2012 games arrive. That would put Chris Paul and Deron Williams closer to the prime of their careers, and Derrick Rose as a rising star by all accounts. Even if LeBron wants his man on the roster, will there be room for him? King James did propose a solution.

“J-Kidd is going to become a player-coach now,” said James.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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