LeBron James Jr. Shows Off A Nasty Step Back And Great Court Vision In His New Highlight Tape

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12.23.15 4 Comments

LeBron James, Jr. may choose not to wear his dad’s number on the court to avoid comparison, but if he keeps balling like this he’ll never get his wish.

Bronny suited up for his Gulf Coast Blue Chips in Houston, TX last weekend at the Ronald Searles Holiday Classic, and for the second year in a row the Blue Chips won the championship. Judging by his new highlight tape, Bronnie had a big hand in leading the team to victory with a display of a wide array of skills. His court vision gets the most camera time here and, much like his dad, he looks to revel in his unselfishness by dishing to open teammates over and over. There’s nice no-looks in the half court and tons of Kevin Love-style full court outlets for layups.

The 11-year-old also shows off his own offense, most notably his vicious step back move that sends defenders flying on separate occasions. There’s a nice floater and he even banks in a three-pointer later for good measure.

While LeBron Jr. plays for the Houston-based Gulf Coast Blue Chips for now, it’s expected he’ll play for the Northeast Ohio Blue Chips closer to home this year. Even though LeBron Sr. wasn’t able to accompany his son on the trip, he told Cleveland.com that “he made his poppa proud” in true basketball dad fashion.


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