Monta Ellis wants to stay the star in Golden State

09.18.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

Monta Ellis, Dime #44

More than a few times this summer, we’ve been asked, “Is Monta Ellis getting traded?” One time it was even, “Is Monta Ellis still with the Warriors?” Between the moped incident right after he’d signed a monster contract, his beef with Stephen Curry being drafted, your standard beef with Nellie/management that every star player on the Warriors inevitably has (good luck, David Lee), and the fact that the Warriors just went under new ownership, it’s easy to assume Monta was either out or on his way out. But in a wide-ranging interview yesterday with NBA Fanhouse, Monta made it sound like he wants to be in G-State for the long haul … “It’s a new beginning. That’s how I look at it,” said Monta, who is also featured in Dime #58, which you can find on newsstands now. “I’ve wiped everything else away from the past. We have a new logo, a new team. We’ll just move forward, and it starts with me.” He also went into detail about the moped accident and says he patched things up with Curry. That’s good. Monta and G-State is a perfect blend of player and system; he’s one of our favorite late-night, West Coast NBA League Pass staples … For the Atlanta Hawks to have negotiations with Shaq and Erick Dampier in the same summer, isn’t that like a girl flirting with two dudes who hate each other? Dampier has reportedly added ATL to his short list, along with Miami and Houston. It’s not often that a starting-caliber center becomes available, but a lot of teams have already spent their money in free agency, otherwise Damp would have even more teams after him. We know the thought process: Put Dampier at center for the Hawks, move Al Horford to the four, and put Josh Smith at small forward. But there’s a reason the Hawks ultimately decided against signing Shaq and haven’t done that already — Josh Smith still doesn’t shoot well enough to be a small forward. He’s putting up All-Star numbers at the four, rebounding the ball and blocking shots, so they’re probably OK with him there for now. No need to force the move if it actually makes your second-best player worse … Jon Scheyer is not going to Utah Jazz camp after all. Something about how it’d be too much of a cliche … In case you missed it on the news, a storm hit New York City the other night that was like something out of The Day After Tomorrow. Some of the Dime crew was still at work when it started, but after getting to our respective homes and seeing more of the damage — there were several trees that had been completely uprooted in Brooklyn — it was a big topic of discussion (and jokes) yesterday. “It was Eddy Curry trying to spray-clean his fridge and things got out of hand,” somebody said … We’re out like Curry’s fridge …


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