My NBA All-Star Reserves

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2009 NBA All-Star Game

With the reserve All-Star ballots due today, I thought there was no better time to put together my list of NBA All-Star reserves. Coaches get to select two forwards, two guards, one center and two players from any position to fill out the roster, so realize that there are certain parameters to work within.

Juggling personal achievements, team success and an overall All-Star quality, it was extremely tough this year to settle on just seven, but here’s my list…

Eastern Conference

*Dwyane Wade – G
*Allen Iverson – G
*LeBron James – F
*Kevin Garnett – F
*Dwight Howard – C

Devin Harris – G
Joe Johnson – G
Paul Pierce – F
Danny Granger – F
Chris Bosh – C
Ray Allen – G
Rashard Lewis – F

Western Conference

*Kobe Bryant – G
*Chris Paul – G
*Tim Duncan – F
*Amare Stoudemire – F
*Yao Ming – C

Brandon Roy – G
Steve Nash – G
Dirk Nowitzki – F
Carmelo Anthony/David West – F
Shaquille O’Neal – C
Al Jefferson – F
Chauncey Billups – G

– Although West should certainly make the team for the second-straight year, between him and ‘Melo, there is really only one spot.
– With the All-Star Game in Phoenix, there is no way Nash and Shaq can’t make the team.
– For the last spot in the East, Vince Carter gets left out. You can thank the fans for voting AI as a starter.
– While Deron Williams is certainly an All-Star talent, his injury earlier this season will take away his spot.
Kevin Durant is nasty, but still a year or two away from the All-Star team.
– Although the Timberwolves have only won 15 games, they are 9-2 in January, behind the tremendous play of Jefferson.
– Perhaps the toughest omission in terms of talent is Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, but the Wizards woes this season will keep them off the team.
– Once again, despite the second best record in the West, the Spurs will only get Duncan representing in Phoenix.

Who do you think makes the All-Star team?

(Those selected for the game will be announced this Thursday.)

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