Have Faith in the Knicks

10.09.08 9 years ago 45 Comments
Q is back with D'AntoniQ is back with D’Antoni

Those who have been down with dimemag.com for over a year know how I feel about my Knicks. Last year I proclaimed that they would make the playoffs as a 4th or 5th seed. Now, I know I was talking reckless when I made that statement and you guys in the comment section let me have it.

This year I am going to fall back with all the crazy talk and take a different approach. Last night the Knicks were in Toronto facing off against the Raptors in their pre-season opener. While I know it was the 1st pre-season game, there are some things I would like to address….

The Knicks are going to score A LOT this season.
Mike D’Antoni’s system is based on shooting the ball as quickly as possible. Last night NY was getting the rock up the court very quickly and efficiently. It led to easy baskets for Wilson Chandler, who is a more skilled Renaldo Balkman, and David Lee. Seven different Knicks finished in double figures. Excellent.

They play ZERO defense.
Just like D’Antoni’s Suns, the big knock on the Knicks will be their defense. The Raptors shot 49% last night. Even more astounding is that they shot 50% from three-point land. Yeah, I know they have good shooters (Kapono, Calderon, and surprisingly Will Solomon), but the threes these guys were knocking down were WIDE open. Every Raptor who played last night with the exception of Hassan Adams had at least seven points. Not acceptable

Jamal's Gonna Drop BucketsJamal’s Gonna Drop Buckets

The Knicks can rebound.
Against a Raptors team with Jermaine O’Neal, Chris Bosh, Kris Humphries and Jamario Moon, the Knicks cleaned the glass and grabbed 50 boards last night. Chris Duhon had 10 rebounds himself. A definite bright spot.

The Knicks look like they are ready for a change.
Like I said, it was the first pre-season game, but you could tell the Knicks want to get out of the NBA’s doghouse. Marbury came off the bench, David Lee and Zach Randolph worked very well together. Nate and Jamal…while they shot a lot, their shots weren’t bad shots. There is hope.

While I won’t make any proclamations, I will say that I am excited about my Knicks this season and I think we are gonna get busy. They definitely be exciting to watch and will with out a doubt bring some sort of life back into professional basketball in New York City.

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