NBA Dimes: BlazerDancer Kimberly

12.08.08 9 years ago

It was only fitting that we posted Kimberly‘s gallery this morning. We got up with her a couple of weeks ago, and during our interview, she talked about how Steve Blake has been making some big three’s recently. Well there was no bigger three than the one that he hit with 8 seconds left against the Raptors yesterday.

Name: Kimberly
Age: 24
Hometown: Newberg, OR
Years of Experience: 18
What’s your favorite type of dance?: Tap and Lyrical
What’s your favorite type of music?: Alternative, Rock, Punk
When you’re on the court, what’s your favorite routine?: So far, I’d say my 2 favorites are “That’s Not My Name” and “We Will Rock You”
What is it like behind the scenes of a photo shoot?: The couple I have done have actually been pretty relaxed. All the girls help each other out with poses and making sure nothing is out of place and it’s a lot of fun!
What’s your prediction for the team this year?: So far they have been amazing. It took them a couple games to get warmed up, but now they seem to be on a roll, and I expect them to only get better. I am of course hoping they will make it to play-offs.
Who is your favorite player on the team?: This is a hard question because I really think they are all great and work well as a team. Brandon Roy is amazing because of his all around greatness, Steve Blake has made some amazing 3-pointers in the last few games, and Greg Oden is a force to be reckoned with though we have not gotten to see him play a lot yet. They all seem to have individual strengths that make them a well-rounded team.

For more of Kimberly, check out her gallery HERE.

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