NBA Dimes: BlazersDancer Cristi

12.04.08 9 years ago

Every dance team needs to have a blonde. And oftentimes, those are the girls that half of NBA arenas are watching during timeouts. The BlazersDancers’ Cristi is one of those blondes. She’s a 22-year old Oregon native who is a fan of country music and Rudy Fernandez.

Name: Cristi
Age: 22
Hometown: Tigard, OR
Years of Experience: 9 years
What’s your favorite type of dance?: Funky Jazz
What’s your favorite type of music?: Country
When you’re on the court, what’s your favorite routine?: When I grow up!
What is it like behind the scenes of a photo shoot?: It’s comfortable, because all of the girls help each other with positive feedback.
What’s your prediction for the team this year?: They will make it to the Western Conference Finals! Go Blazers!
Who is your favorite player on the team?: Rudy Fernandez

For more of Cristi, check out her gallery HERE.

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