NBA Draft Measurements Released, Great For Earl Clark

05.29.09 8 years ago 28 Comments
Louisville's Earl Clark

Louisville's Earl Clark

The first relevant phase of the NBA Draft combine is upon us. This was the moment when the world freaked out about Michael Beasley not being 6-9 last year, officially sealing Derrick Rose‘s fate as the No. 1 overall pick. From a first look at the measurements, there aren’t any real disappointing numbers. But there are a couple of pleasant surprises.

The one guy who will really benefit from this day is Earl Clark. The Louisville SF stands a shade over 6-10 in shoes with a wingspan just under 7-3. Add in that he’s been shooting really well from outside during the first day of the combine, and it’s easy to see why scouts are raving about his upside.

We knew all along that DeJuan Blair‘s ability to dominate the offensive glass wasn’t just because he’s got a big ass. Even if he stands 6-feet, 6.5 inches in shoes, he has a ridiculous 7-2 wingspan. That won’t impact his draft stock drastically either way.

The James Harden-as-the-next-Paul Pierce campaign took a step in the right direction. Though the southpaw SG isn’t as tall as the Truth, Harden has incredibly long arms. He stands just over 6-5, but his reach is almost 6-11. That’s going to be key for a player who likes to use his stocky frame to finish in and around the paint without incredible athleticism.

Here are some other interesting prospects:

* Blake Griffin: 6-10 in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Hasheem Thabeet: 7-feet, 2.5 inches in shoes, 7-6 wingspan
* Tyler Hansbrough: 6-feet, 9.5 inches in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Stephen Curry: 6-3 in shoes, 6-3 wingspan
* Jeff Teague: 6-feet, 1.5 inches in shoes, 6-7 wingspan
* B.J. Mullens: 7-1 in shoes, 7-1 wingspan
* Jordan Hill: 6-10 in shoes, 7-1 wingspan
* Jonny Flynn: 6-1 in shoes, 6-4 wingspan
* Tyreke Evans: 6-5 in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Ty Lawson: 6-feet, 0.5 inches in shoes, 6-1 wingspan
* Gani Lawal: 6-9 in shoes, 7-foot wingspan
* James Johnson: 6-8 in shoes, 7-1 wingspan
* Sam Young: 6-7 in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Jrue Holiday: 6-4 in shoes, 6-7 wingspan

Source: Draft Express

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