NBA Trade Rumor: Amare Stoudemire for LaMarcus Aldridge

02.06.09 9 years ago 44 Comments
Amare StoudemireSTAT to PDX?

The Amare Stoudemire trade rumors are heating up, especially at it appears more and more likely that the Suns can’t legitimately compete for title as presently constructed. Of the scenarios we’ve seen so far, this one from is pretty interesting:

Don’t be surprised if Amare gets traded by the deadline to Portland for LaMarcus Aldridge (with Raef Lafrentz included as trade filler for rules purposes).

The front offices in Portland and Phoenix have been regular trade partners in recent years, and much of the young talent now residing in Portland has come via picks they have scored in those deals with the Suns. These franchises have an open dialogue that they are comfortable with, and I think they are talking again. Seriously talking.

Both sides may still be angling for a little more of this or that to be included while they’re dealing. For example, Phoenix would also love to score a backup and heir to Nash and Portland has amassed a rich cache of youngsters at PG.

Why for Portland? Amare would provide a more experienced and explosive interior scorer in the middle of the Portland youth corps. While Dallas-area-native Aldridge is young and talented, the track record of Amare is much more enticing – and he’s still only 26.

Why for Phoenix? Aldridge is a bit more perimeter-oriented by nature (which better complements Shaq). He’s also much more of a contributor on defense which the Suns badly need. And there’s no question that Amare, for all his gifts, is unhappy, doesn’t fit alongside Shaq, and presents a big problem to the Suns.

Both are young with a long future ahead of them in the NBA. It’s a huge gamble for both teams however, in trading away a star performer from the center of a playoff contender and shaking up the mix, but I think the rewards on both sides are too great to pass up, and after much hand-wringing — this deal really could happen.

The writer goes out of his way to say he doesn’t have any solid info from inside the Suns or the Blazers, but claims to have heard “little snippets here and there” from people he “listens to.” Which most likely means he’s basically just coming up with this on his own, so take it for what it’s worth. The point is that it actually does seem to make sense for both teams.


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